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Why I love Jang Keun Suk

Lilly Birdsong By Lilly Birdsong Published on November 24, 2015

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I first saw Jang Keun Suk when I watched You're Beautiful.  I was drawn to him in that drama, and through him I discovered many other dramas that I loved.

My favourite drama of his is actually one called Marry Me, Mary (also known as Mary Stayed Out All Night).  This is my rainy day drama, the one I go back to whenever I'm feeling a bit blue and I just want to laugh and feel good.  The story is about a rocker (played by JKS) and a girl whose father is trying to marry her off to a rich bachelor (played by the adorable Moon Geun Young).  

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This drama is full of great music, hilarious moments, and tender love.  It's about telling your parents that you're going your own way, something most young people can relate to.  And it's about choosing to follow your heart.

I also totally fell in love with Love Rain.  It's a story that starts off in the 70s, recreated in a way that totally fits the mood of the time and is fascinating. 

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It's a story about two people who fall in love but are separated by fate and doomed to never be together.  They both end up getting married to different people and having children.  The story gets really fun, though, when the drama changes completely into the present time.  Now the children of the original couple meet by circumstance and end up falling in love, too!

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What convinces me that JKS is such a great actor is that these two characters, the father and son, both played by him - they feel so completely different.  I almost didn't recognize him going from one role to the next.

More so than his acting ability, I was drawn to JKS in his role as a musician.  He has had great popularity in Japan.  JKS speaks fluently Japanese and English in addition to his native Korean.  I've also heard him speak Chinese although he's still learning this one.  Since I speak Japanese as well, I've been able to enjoy watching him sing in Japanese - he has some albums entirely in Japanese and also performs more concerts in Japan than anywhere else in the world.  Lucky them!

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My favourite work of his musically is his latest work.  He's done solo tours called Crishow to promote his Monochrome album.  He also teams up with Big Brother to form Team H, a musical duo that does dance music parties.  No matter what he's doing, JKS has great on-stage presence, lighting up the audience with his charisma as he sings and dances.

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JKS is also known as a great philanthropist.  He has been involved in countless initiatives, from charity auctions to donating to his university.  He even encourages his fans to donate to charities in his name.  His official fan club, Cri-J, holds multiple charity events throughout the year but especially around JKS' birthday.  One of my favourite things that he does is how he not only donates money but also his time with a local orphanage.  This year he spent some time cooking with them (cooking is one of his hobbies).

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Overall I think JKS stands out among the stars for giving back to his fans and to the community in great ways.  I encourage him on his life journey and look forward to seeing what he does next!

I am a Sci-Fi writer. I love drinking whiskey, hanging out with my 2 cats, and kickboxing. Check out Children of RIVA if you're interested in my work. Oh, and in my spare time I work ... Show More

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