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Why Assad and Trump are natural allies

Malu  Halasa By Malu Halasa Published on December 2, 2016

List for Our Times (1)

For Aleppo

1. They have a loyal friend in Vladimir Putin.

2. They married women who some considered attractive, although in Melania’s family culture it wasn’t necessary to marry a dictator, a billionaire would do.

3. Nepotism Rules: they give the best government jobs to relatives.

4. Trump ran casinos and Assad is addicted to playing Russian roulette, with a gun to the heads of 22 million people.

5. Both rely on men in uniform.

6. The two are guilty of crimes against taste: Assad’s love of fondue nights with Asma and Trump's love of hyperbole, best seen in the name of his and Melania's son, Baron.

7. Perfecting the art of the deal, they swap favors for money.

8. Distrust of the mainstream has left them a hallucinatory alt-reality all of their own.

9. Both prefer torture.

10. They and their other family members would leave the Syrian people to their killers.

Assad called Trump “a natural ally” days before the military campaign to destroy Eastern Aleppo began. Last week, an estimated 25,000 people have fled Syria’s second city, which according to UN humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien, has become “one giant graveyard.” Image from a political poster, This Is Their Dialogue by Alshaab alsori aref tarekh.  Lists for Our Times are inspired by Dave Marsh and Kevin Stein’s The Rolling Stone Rock Book of Lists and Debbie Geller. 

Malu Halasa is Jordanian Filipina American writer and editor based in London. Born in Oklahoma, she was raised in Ohio and is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University. Her books ... Show More