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Vegan Polish Food at Stash Cafe

Glutty Vegan By Glutty Vegan Published on May 17, 2016

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I am always a little wary of going to restaurants when I don't know what they'll have on offer - particularly when you think of food that's meat-heavy.  When you think of Polish food, you probably think of pirogies and schnitzel.

When we went to Stash Café I thought I'd be stuck having only a salad.  Fortunately, they had me covered.

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Stash Café - Petite Verte

I did start with a salad.  It was fresh and crispy, though I can't guarantee this salad dressing was actually vegan.  It was a house dressing but it was delicious.

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Stash Café - Sauerkraut, Pierogi with Mushrooms and Cabbage, Placki Potato Pancakes, and Krokiet with Mushrooms

Next I got a plate of mixed awesomeness.  They gave us little bits of all the traditional Polish food.  The Pierogi were stuffed with mushrooms and cabbage.  If you're vegetarian but not vegan then they also have some that are stuffed with cheese and potatoes.  I also got Placki, which are potato pancakes (can never go wrong there).  Lastly there was a big Krokiet, stuffed gloriously with mushrooms.  I also had some sauerkraut - there was sour cream on offer as well but naturally I stayed away from that.

The food was actually quite filling.  Though it doesn't look like a lot on the plate, it actually left me with a very satisfying feeling.  The one downside is that most of the food was fried, and because I eat hardly any fried food in my normal daily life, I did have some discomfort related to the oils.

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Apple Strudel

I finished off my experience with a slice of Apple Strudel.  The others ate it with a heavy dollop of cream on top, but I left that off.  It was not too sweet, which was actually nice because I didn't feel overwhelmed by sugar - I hate that feeling of lingering sugar in my mouth when I leave a restaurant.

The best part of the experience was the location and the staff.  The staff were friendly (even overwhelmed by the gigantic group I was in).  There was also a live piano player.  The restaurant is located in scenic Old Montreal, and the décor on the inside is rustic and comfortable.

Overall I do think I would go there again.  Maybe not too often (my delicate stomach eek) but once in a while, sure!

I am a vegan, a kickboxer, and a writer.

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