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Turkish Author Ece Temelkuran's Essential Holiday Reading

Bookwitty By Bookwitty Published on November 25, 2016
This article was updated on December 14, 2016

Ece Temelkuran is a Turkish novelist and political commentator. She has been published in The Guardian, The New York Times, the New Statesman, the New Left Review, Le Monde Diplomatique, the Frankfurter Rundschau, Der Spiegel and the Berliner Zeitung. She lived in countries such as Lebanon, Tunisia, France and the UK where she wrote her novels. She was a visiting fellow at Saint Anthony’s College, Oxford. Her investigative journalism books broach subjects that are highly controversial in Turkey, such as Kurdish and Armenian issues, freedom of expression and women’s rights. Her novels are published in several languages and she has recently started to write plays. In 2013 she gave a “Freedom Lecture” hosted by Amnesty International and the Prince Claus Fund. She divides her time between Istanbul and Zagreb 

How will you be spending your holidays?

I am dreaming of staring at the sea for hours and not doing anything. I have been traveling and will be traveling a lot because of book events therefore I want to be motionless to an almost scary degree.   

Which books would you like to read during the holidays that you haven't found time to read before?

The New Yorker and the London Review of Books are magazines that I've had to skip and would be now for my relaxed reading. And those books that need deep concentration are best for long, lazy afternoons during the holidays, such as The Life of the Mind by Hannah Arendt.

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Which book (s) do you re-read regularly during the holidays that you might buy as a gift for a friend?

[Clarissa Pinkola Estés'] Women who Run With The Wolves has been my gift book for a long time. I don't really re-read because I believe that books are like love relationships; every second attempt after the break up ends up with a miserable catastrophe. 

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