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To Each His Own

Royana By Royana Published on April 18, 2017

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Life is but a simple word, a bittersweet haven, and an overwhelming journey. Ever since we’re born, every day marks a new learning experience. As humans we loathe isolation, so we end up throwing ourselves in a sea of masked strangers. People put us down, they may break us or make us, and they do teach us significant lessons. Not only do people teach us lessons, but also everything our eyes meet leaves a stain in our lives let it be a cat or a cloud or even a pebble. It is our duty to know which experiences to celebrate, which mistakes to keep in the past, and who to surround ourselves with. When I first received the email regarding the Founder’s Day essay contest, millions of unexpected sources and lessons ran through my mind, but not until this very second did I know who and what to talk about. My source may seem unexpected, but the lesson I was taught shall stay with me till my bones turn to dust. As I was walking around campus, I saw the most beautiful roses, and then I saw a cat struggling to go between them because they had thorns. There it hit me, roses!

What would a rose teach? One may ask this question and belittle the importance of this plant, another would ridicule the idea, but try to think of it for a second you may realize that the lesson lies within. Have you ever approached something that was exquisite? Did it sting you to death when you got to know its horrid insides? Have you ever met someone and sparks flew as you saw their radiant smile? Did they end up make you shed tears on daily basis? Have you ever set a goal that seemed so perfect and easy to attain? Did you have to go to hell and beyond to reach it? If you have experienced any of the above or anything similar to them, then you would understand what the rose taught me. The rose, velvet red, simply beautiful, yet the more you get close to it, the more it hurts you. The rose symbolizes every illusion of beauty that a person may encounter in life. The rose symbolizes the idea that life isn’t as perfect as it seems.

Life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, and in order to accomplish anything you have to face the hurdles thrown at you. The rose taught me that in life, one must work hard to reach his goal. Just as the cat struggled to pass due to the thorns, as a student I’m faced with obstacles on daily basis till I graduate. My grades won’t magically get higher, and I won’t be an honors student if I just waste away my years. I have to face whatever is thrown my way in order to reach this glorifying goal. Life is sugar coated most of the time; we are influenced by our surroundings that good things happen to good people, but that’s not true. Life is filled with ups and downs, and sometimes we are bound to fall so far till we reach a horrific rock bottom. However, we must not get sucked into this dark hole, but rather fight harder till we reach the light that we once had. What defines us is our ability to withstand the stormy events, and our ability to bounce back till we turn our dreams to reality and much more.

The rose taught me not to judge a book by its cover. Whenever you pluck a rose, it hurts like hell and your finger may bleed, but don’t you look at it and think to yourself “oh wow!”?? Personally, my life was tainted in the brightest colors, till I delved into the realms of the fantasy I was forced to live in. I viewed everything in the brightest shades, I saw the good in everyone I ever met, and I fell hard for the most resplendent smiles and shiniest eyes. But in reality there’s more to people than their ability to look glowing and what not. In life people dazzle us with materials and looks, but in reality their personalities are as hideous as a dead body eaten by insects in the middle of the desert. Their souls are miserable and satanic, but they mask it perfectly and professionally so that no one can see through the glimmer they give. They tend to hurt us carelessly, but we are deeply infatuated by their allure that we keep going back to them. Just as we are addicted to the gorgeous scent of the rose, and we try to grasp it no matter how many times our fingers bleed. We keep trying to stay in contact with those hurtful people; no matter how harsh they treat us, because are obsessed with the beauty we see somewhere within their monstrous treatment.

As I reached home, I opened an old book in which I had put a rose years ago, and compared it with the fake one I recently got. I held the two in my hands, and just stared at them quietly. The real rose, though withering, spoke to me in the loudest screams. It felt as if the real rose was yearning to tell me that the other one is fake. I could hear the real rose telling me that the fake one is like life, disappointing and tainted. I could hear the agonizing shrieks, as though it was warning me of getting deceived from appearances yet again. It yelled and yelled, as past regrets came flowing down my face till the tears crashed. That crucial moment, that comparison between the real and the fake, the hurtful thorns, and the reality/illusion dilemma, I took a deep breath and sighed. “Never again shall I convince myself that there’s beauty in everything, or try to attain the things that hurt the most regardless of their looks. Never again shall I fall for life’s garnished reality, nor break infront of its mishaps”, I said to myself. 

Lebanese, writer in-the-making. Passionate about every inch of every letter of every literary work. Probably would come up with weird ideas and theories about a piece of literature. I write to ... Show More

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