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The birthing stage

kirsten020798 By kirsten020798 Published on May 16, 2016

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so ok now i know this doesn't sound exactly thrilling, but trust me its more exciting than you may think. lets begin shall we !!!! 

It all began when my parents decided they wanted a child, and i know your probably all thinking, yeah yeah we know 'when a mummy and a daddy love each other' story well yeah basically that happened and 9 months later along came me, the perfect little girl they had always dreamed of; well, thats what they thought anyway, so out I came into the world but it wasn't peaceful for long, actually, lets back track bit. lets just say that the delivery of there most 'perfect' child wasn't so 'prefect'. Well me being the awkward child I'm decided that i would not have my head down below i would rather be at the cleaner end (if you get what i mean). That wasn't all so my mum had to have a c-section like a lot of mums have to have, however it was no ordinary c-section.

my mum felt it, all of it, from the surgeons cutting her open to them pulling me out, according to my mum it wasn't the most ' pleasant' time in her life.

So after all that effort she finally got me out of there. But it wasn't too long and i was being awkward again. Guess who was born with a whole in their heart? oh wait you've probably already guessed,..... me !!! so the good news was after that initial hour of panic they found out i would be fine and it would heel on its own. 

i had my annual kids injections you know the ones, where all the mums are like ' oh i feel bad there only young its a shame they have to have all of these injections' yep, those. Well i was allergic to the whooping cough wasn't i ? As if i didn't put my parents through enough already. long stories short, i almost swallowed my tounge, had to be rushed into hospital in an ambulance (bare in mind i was only 10 weeks old) and went blue, where i couldn't breathe. 

so thats this small but already very different birth of yours truly. thanks for reading, chapter 2 will soon follow. over and out. xxxx

I'm just your typical teenage girl who loves makeup, fashion and everything fun and adventurous

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