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The Benefits of a Plan-Based Diet

Kaylyn H. By Kaylyn H. Published on May 20, 2016

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The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

It started off as a challenge circling the internet called 'Veganuary', to eat a plant-based for the entire month of January. Having lived in the Lebanon for about a year, I already had cut out meat from my diet due to reasons relating to the environment, my health and animal rights. Power outages always added to my skepticism about the freshness of the meat and the original source of it. I was never a big meat eater back in the states. I could go days without eating it and when I did eat it, I normally stuck with chicken. The influence of bloggers and news sites advocating a plant-based diet expanded my knowledge and my ability to transition from cutting out meat and dairy to healthy proteins and non-dairy products.

After a month of sticking to the plant-based challenge with just a couple slip ups from eating the delicious Lebanese haloumi cheese. Being in Lebanon also made eating a plant-based diet easier because at the markets, veggies were fresh and cheap, usually located on every corner of neighborhoods. Farmers wouldn't worry about whether the fruits and veggies were 'neat and pretty' to sell and customers didn't really care. For just ten dollars, I could get a variety of fruits and veggies that would last me at least a week.

Adjusting to a plant-based diet and even just a diet without meat is difficult for the first month or so, but the body adjusts and I promise the results will give more energy and nutrition to the body.

One benefit of a plant-based diet is that it provides prevention to diseases like the now common diabetes. Roughly 387 million people are living with this disease. Type 2 diabetes is absolutely preventable.

Another benefit is that you will eat more vegetables. Yes, this seems obvious, but those who focus on a plant based diet specifically look at vegetables in a different way from nutrition to ways to cook and eat a vegetable, for example.

The common belief that carrots aid in prevention of vision is true, but other vegetables such as kale, broccoli and grapes contain lutein and zeaxanthin pigments, which help prevent against cataracts.

Cutting out animal protein also mean that your skin will be saved from saturated fats and other toxins that come from meat processing.

Whether you try a vegan diet for fun, weight-loss or to do a challenge, you can guarantee that your body will feel better just days after trying it.

Kaylyn is a freelance journalist based in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to relocating back to the states, Kaylyn reported about humanitarian, social, cultural, and refugee-related issues in the Middle ... Show More

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