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Ten Great Douglas Adams Quotes that Don’t Come from The Hitchhiker’s Guide

George Edward Challenger By George Edward Challenger Published on July 28, 2017
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Douglas Adams remains a firm favourite for science fiction fans the world over, particularly for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (in all its different incarnations, from radio, to TV, and eventually film). As a result, when people talk about Adams' scintillating wit, they tend to return to the same handful of quotes over and over. We won’t bore you by going back through a list of all of the best-known Douglas Adams quotes, but the overwhelming feeling when we’re confronted with some of them is… “Oh no, not again.”

That said, Adams’ other books tend to be less widely read than The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, though they are no less funny. Now, with Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on the rise since the release of its own TV adaptation, we thought there may be no better time than to have a sneaky read through of the less well known Douglas Adams books and find some of our favourite quotes from them.

“Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable. Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.”
-Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

“‘So what do we do if we get bitten by something deadly?' I asked.
He looked at me as if I were stupid.
'You die, of course. That's what deadly means.’”
-Last Chance to See

“Grown men, he told himself, in flat contradiction of centuries of accumulated evidence about the way grown men behave, do not behave like this.”
-So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

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“I commend you on your skepticism, but even the skeptical mind must be prepared to accept the unacceptable when there is no alternative.
-Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

“A learning experience is one of those things that says, 'You know that thing you just did? Don't do that.”
-The Salmon of Doubt

“We can't win against obsession. They care, we don't. They win.”
-Life, The Universe and Everything

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“Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.”
-Last Chance to See

“A life that is burdened with expectations is a heavy life. Its fruit is sorrow and disappointment.”
-The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

“My favourite piece of information is that Branwell Brontë, brother of Emily and Charlotte, died standing up leaning against a mantle piece, in order to prove it could be done.”
-The Salmon of Doubt

The above statement is too delightful to waste time assessing its veracity. Instead, we've chosen to simply believe it regardless.

“Reality is frequently inaccurate.”
-The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


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