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Squish Candies Artisanal Gummies

Glutty Vegan By Glutty Vegan Published on February 1, 2017

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If you're a gummy-lover like me, you may have had a few moments of turmoil when you decided to ditch animal products and go vegan (or even vegetarian).  If you're not vegan, did you know that gelatin is kind of the grossest thing ever - the stuff that most people use to make our gummies - well, gummy - is in fact made up of collagen from animals.  Horses' hooves, yummy... not.

There are a few products you can get off the shelf that don't use gelatin.  The first one that comes to mind is RealFruit gummies (although make sure you check the label for "gelatin free").

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For a long time that satisfied my need for good gummies.  However I just discovered this AMAZING store in Montreal that is re-inventing the way gummies are made.  It's an artisanal candy store called Squish.

There's something different about these gummies.  You'll taste it the moment you pop one of these amazing candies into your mouth.  Whether you're into the super-sour, or ropy, or good old cherry blasters, they've got it all.  

The first ones I tried were the Strawberry.  The thing that amazed me the most is that these candies actually tasted like strawberries!  Imagine that!

Then I tried the Sour Strawberry Ribbons - OMG BEST THING EVER.

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Lastly I got some Super Sour candies.  Wow!  Be prepared to pucker that mouth!

Plus the staff working at the store were super helpful.  And just look at the layout - this place feels like such a happy place, full of light and whimsy.

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Not all the candies in the store are vegan or vegetarian but they all have helpful labels on them or you can ask someone for help.  Plus the store I was at had a whole shelf just for vegetarian and vegan candies so you didn't have to play the label-reading guessing game!

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So next time you're in Montreal stop by a store.  They also have stores in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec, and Scarborough.  Or you can even Shop Online!

I'm definitely a fan.  

I am a vegan, a kickboxer, and a writer.

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