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SJay's Reviews: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

Saria J. Beainy By Saria J. Beainy Published on February 18, 2018

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I wasn't so keen on reading this book at first. I bought it as I was told it was about an autistic kid and, at the time, I was in a situation where this called out to me. I can tell you that this is clearly not the type of book I'd ever read. Not my genre.

And yet I loved it.

Christopher is an autistic 14 year old boy who, when I delved deep into his mind throughout the book, I realized I had more in common with than most "normal people". He's amazingly smart. He has a no-nonsense attitude. He really loves animals. And most of all, he has a way of explaining "weird autistic" behaviors in such a simple and brilliant way that makes you think "... OK. Seriously. How is that even a problem?" because it's really much better than how most "normal" people behave and think.

However, the story is a very sad one. Maybe not the ending. It's positive, if you consider how the plot resolves. But the things that Christopher goes through, how his own mind doesn't aid him sometimes, how you learn to love his character and realize how difficult it is to be him... that's sad. And that's what I adored about this book.

I came out of it with a greater understanding towards Christopher and anyone in his shoes. It's amazing and very special. I've never come across a book like this, and I think every human being should read it, as you will surely come out of it a better human being.


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Found this article relevant?