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SJay's Reviews: Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski

Saria J. Beainy By Saria J. Beainy Published on February 19, 2018

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The Witcher series is the gift that keeps on giving. I read The Last Wish and then Sword of Destiny, thinking every time, this is book is epic! Now, being done with Blood of Elves, I know it's not just 'this book' or 'this series'. This author is epic!
Sapkowski's story is by no means lost in translation. I read an unofficial English version of the book, but I can tell you I got full force of every feeling and every scene. I can only imagine how MORE vivid this would feel if I had read it in the original written language.

Geralt still does not disappoint; however - and this bit is both good and sad - we don't get as much Geralt in this book as we did in the previous two. We do get much more Yennefer, though, which is amazingly good for her. You find yourself feeling more and more compassion towards her. You start understanding the main message behind the series more.
One of these core messages is that, often if not most times, the public gets the story wrong. Witcher's aren't incapable of feeling. Sorcerers aren't necessarily malicious. Also, most "fairytales" were not so black and white at the time they happened (well, if they had, you know).

As for Ciri. Ths girl's too cute for words. She's smart. She's witty. She's not a spoiled teenage bitchy character (thank you, Andrzej!!!!) and such a teen seems MAJORLY lacking from today's literary works. Also, this installment expands on the war at Sodden, the reasons behind it, the racism and greed and prejudice of humans, and the cruelty of such prejudice. Sapkowski always brings up the topic of good and evil, though also focuses on how it is ALWAYS double sided in war. After all, the elves aren't killing humans out of evil. They were killed ages ago themselves. And humans are just afraid of the elves now... so violence breeds violence.

Geralt still insists on being neutral. Ciri understands why he wants neutrality. After all, he sees the bigger picture. No matter who you side with, it's disaster for both.

But the juiciest part is when we start discovering that Ciri's not really that obvious! She's a source... or is she? What's she got tucked in that little head of hers? Why is she THAT important?
Sapkowski plays around with all these questions in the most amazingly hooking way ever!!!

I've already started reading the fourth book, so I'll keep you posted!


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