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Seven Answers to Your Child's Questions About Santa

CindyC By CindyC Published on December 18, 2015

Christmas has always been magical in my home. It’s always been magical with my perfect Christmas tree, perfectly wrapped gifts and, of course, the excitement of Santa passing by on the 25th.

But this year is different. My eight year old has been hearing that Santa Claus may in fact be a phantom of his imagination. The past few weeks have felt like The Spanish Inquisition, but I've come up with some of the best answers (coughliescough) to encourage his belief.

So in the spirit of helping others this holiday season, here's a quick guide on how to answer your children when they ask, "Is Santa really real?"

Does Santa really exist? So-and-so said he isn't real.

Your tactic? Easy. Answer the question with a question:

What do you think?
Do YOU think he is real?
Do you want to believe?
Why wouldn’t he be real?

Confuse your child until he or she stares at you blankly, tentatively answers, "...yes?". Then, nod confidently and quickly change the subject before they catch on. 

How does Santa come into the house if we don’t have a chimney?

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Santa has a special kind of magic – made especially for him by the elves, of course – that lets him squeeze his big belly into people's little chimneys, or create a big fireplace in homes that don't have one, so he can slide down the chimney and leave gifts under the tree. The fireplace disappears after he leaves, though. Bummer!

(At this point, press "play" on your DVD remote and let Tim Allen's The Santa Clause do the talking.) 

How come there are different Santas in malls? Is that the real Santa Claus?

Of course not! How could Santa be in different places at the same time? So he has people to help him. They dress up as him, listen to what kids have to say, and then report back to the real Santa.

How does Santa get around the world so quickly?

Santa is beyond our concept of time and technology. Plus, he has warp speed technology, which means he can travel around the world almost instantly (how else do you think he manages all those gifts in one night?). 

How come Santa’s reindeer fly?

Remember that technology I told you about? Well, the reindeers have it as well. They also have Google Maps embedded in their brains which allows them to quickly find every single house (and give you an accurate ETA).

I wasn’t nice all year. How come I still get gifts?

It’s not just about the bad things you’ve done, it’s also about the good deeds. Santa looks at both and if you’ve done more good things than bad, puts you on the good list.

We're going away for Christmas. How will Santa know where to bring my gifts?

One: Santa is all-knowing. Two: Google Maps and Mommy’s Facebook feed.

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