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Review: The Queen of the Tearling - Erika Johansen

Unphilosophize By Unphilosophize Published on February 16, 2017

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This book was fantastic. 

I loved the  world building, the characters are great and come with complete and compelling backstories, the novel builds up a past without giving too much away, and it sets up the second book fantastically.

The Queen of the Tearling is set in the future but has some major past vibes, we're talking 17th century vibes. Everyone has swords and armour but knows about modern medicine as a myth of the past. It's a weird dichotomy but it really works for this book.

The book addresses through Kelsea Raleigh Glynn, our protagonist, what it takes to be a good leader, the worth of a human life, and the values of knowledge and appearance; all topics which are especially topical in today society as well as this one that is set in some unknown future time.

The idea in the novel is that some brilliant guy decided that Europe was no good war zone and wanted to start a socialist paradise and it didn't go as he planned. Mostly because the ship with the doctors sunk which lost them the use of modern medicine which really puts a kink in the plans of socialism. Obviously this didn't go well for various reasons partially discussed in the book and we end up at the beginning of the novel.

I highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone who reads but especially if you like fantasy. I read this book in three days between work which is pretty great. The style is really good and it has great flow. I rate this book 10/10. It is my first 10 of 2017 and I'm really excited about it. I was reading it with my friend Jaclyn who also finished it in the blink of an eye and we're going to go and buy the second book on Sunday so stayed tuned for the next review!

Lost soul. Graduated with my Bachelor of Arts Combined Honours in the History of Science and Technology, and Philosophy in May 2016. Enjoys math, knitting, and baseball. Avid reader and ... Show More

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