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Raven-a Fairy tale Adventure

Fair Lady Firefly By Fair Lady Firefly Published on May 22, 2016

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Genre: Fantasy/YA
Status: In-Progress

"Raven felt as if he had stepped out of his life and into a dream: the forest was like a whole new world. Only in his grandmother's stories did the birds and beasts speak, yet here he was, hearing them all talk as if he had been able to do so all his life. And then, as he sat taking in all the new music of the woods, he heard quite a different sound: a deep, scratchy croak. It came from somewhere above him, and this croak stood out from all the other new sounds because it was saying a word that Raven recognized: HIS NAME."

"Captivating and rich..."

Glass Girl | May 14th, 2016

"I initially found "Raven" on another site, where I was beginning to tire of stereotypical stories and rants. After reading the summary, I decided to give it a go, and I did not regret that decision. "Raven" is an endearing story of a sweet young boy who stumbles upon some intriguing discoveries. It's takes place in a simply enchanting setting, one that brings back memories of your favorite fairy tales and stirs up that belief in all things magical again. The descriptions are captivating and rich, and leave you wishing for more. I would recommend this story for anyone who once had or continues to have dreams laced with charm, innocence, and the thrill of childhood discovery."

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