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"Not One Day" Book Review

Serah By Serah Published on February 26, 2018

To none

That’s how Anne Garretta begins her book, dedicating it to none, or is she, as we may feel later, dedicating it to many? Known as an Oulipian writer, Anne Garretta takes us in a seductive, deep emotional erotic journey in her book “Not One Day”.

Written in specific instructions, in under 100 pages, with no boundaries, the chapters of this novel, engage us in the author’s passion, surprising us, moving us, inviting us to share with her the subjects of her dreams and fantasies, until we, the readers, become the dreamers.

At the beginning of her book, Garretta sets her writing instructions: five hours a day for one month, one woman per chapter, real confessions, no drafting, no editing, just pouring her thoughts out.

The book comes flowing, with no boundaries, no limits. Only truth, confession and passion deploy through the twelve chapters headed by a letter, or an initial to keep the subject anonymous. (Another trick of mystery used by our author, or in this case, our seducer).

Full of details, mystery, images and description, Garretta’s words leave us breathless, waiting for more, unable to predict what comes next.They strike us with many feelings, making us interrogate, question and wonder where they come from, making us subtly accept them, though they are defying all rules, taboos, norms and defying all we may have known or encountered as pure desire.

And since this book is all about confessions, Garretta shares with us one last confession: she didn’t really stick to her deadline, a month was turned into a year, and, (prepare yourself for a big enigma) one of the subjects was fiction! Another mystery that forces us to go back and read the book again and wonder, was it B*? Was it H*? Or was it X*?

Who was it?

“Not one day”, which was shortlisted for the Albertine Prize (http://www.albertine.com/albertine-prize-2018) is a must read chef d’oeuvre by Anne Garretta, a book that leaves us with the same question that Garretta initiated this journey:

“ What’s to be done with our inclinations?”

Lebanese, TV and documentaries director and a proud bookworm. Very optimistic with an extreme passion for little simple things. Mostly silent and quiet, but I have a very loud mind, it can get ... Show More


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