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Night Games Shines Light On Darker Side Of Sport

David Prendergast By David Prendergast Published on May 4, 2016

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Book: Night Games: Sex, Power, and a Journey into the Dark Heart of Sport.

Author: Anna Krien.

Published: 2014.

This is a book every young person, male and female, should read simply because it details the horrors wreaked on both genders as a result of a lack of respect and tolerance with regards to sex, relationships, friendships and women.

Krien uses the trial of Justin Dyers as a background to examine the culture of rape and sexual assault in Australian sports. Some of the stories are unbelievable and sickening. However, the cover ups by the professional teams, police, and media are even worse and Krien clearly highlights the lengths the AFL have gone to protect their top assets, not just over the years but over decades.

Krien also focuses on the legal system. In Victoria, Melbourne, a person on trial for rape doesn’t have to prove the victim actually consented. They just have to prove they believed the victim had consented. Krien’s book is an excellent study because, despite the endless anecdotes of gang rape and homophobia in the AFL and Rugby League that she feeds to her readers, she also grows close to Justin and his family, and like the jurors can’t decide who is telling the truth in this rape trial. So, she remains unbiased throughout the book when focusing on the trial and simply relays the facts, the statements, and the unanswered questions.

In the prologue at the start of the book Krien reveals that Justin was found not guilty and this revelation actually helps builds suspense as the book nears its conclusion. And with everything Krien reveals to us throughout this 268 page-turner, the closing lines really leave you scratching your head with food for thought on what actually happened on the night in question.

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Found this article relevant?