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Minimum wage.

Becca By Becca Published on April 29, 2016

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Hiya, I'm Rebecca. I work full time in retail. As I am only 19, my wages are £5.30 an hour. However, my colleagues who are over 21 get paid £6.70 an hour. I think this is very unfair as I work exactally the same hours and I am expected to work as hard. In my job, there is nothing I'm restricted to doing because of my age. Although a lot of you may think it's not a lot of money, it is £1.40 more an hour, £56 more a week, which is £224 more a month. This is money I believe I am entitled to, as I am doing exactally the same job. It is not fair that I, and many others are discriminated by age. Would this still be legal if it was based on gender? Or on disability? It is discrimination and it should not carry on for any longer I'm losing out on £2,668 a year. Which to some people may not be a lot of money, I get paid just over £800 before tax, which means what I am losing out on per year is over 3 months wages for me. I think this is highly unfair, also, I'm expected to pay tax all the same. I think this is disgusting, and just proves that we are not treated as equals.

English, 19 years old, retail worker.

Found this article relevant?

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