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Love at First Line: The Bookwitty Community's Favorite Opening Lines

Matt Berry By Matt Berry Published on March 23, 2017
This article was updated on November 20, 2017

First impressions count for a lot. This is especially true when it comes to books. The opening sets the tone for what you're about to read, and like the first impression on a date, a bad one is hard to recover from. 

When asked for some of their favorite opening lines in literature, the Bookwitty community was quick to answer the call. 

Here are some of their killer kickoffs. 

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"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

                              Buy The Gunslinger Here

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"It was the day my grandmother exploded.”

                              Buy The Crow Road Here

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"The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there." 

                            Buy The Go-Between Here

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“I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.”

                      Buy I Capture the Castle Here

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"People disappear all the time."

                                        Buy Outlander Here


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“She slices through the water, imagining herself a deadly beam of black light.”

                                             Buy Lagoon Here


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"All stories are love stories."

                                  Buy Eureka Street Here


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"The fiftieth year of our life is like the last hour of dusk, when the sun has set and one turns naturally toward reflection.”

                                        Buy Aphrodite Here


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"What you looking at me for? I didn't come to stay..."

                                         Buy The Book Here

Https%3a%2f%2fs3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads.bookwitty.com%2f5ae67d69 7615 4223 ab7e edc7d340998f inline original.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1
"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."

                      Buy Pride and Prejudice Here

Https%3a%2f%2fs3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads.bookwitty.com%2fb9bc7027 e3b5 47de 8d10 3343423864e6 inline original.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1
"It was a pleasure to burn."

                               Buy Fahrenheit 451 Here

Https%3a%2f%2fs3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads.bookwitty.com%2f62707c02 fce9 4252 9b31 856e0c2229d4 inline original.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1
“It was a dark and stormy night.”

                         Buy A Wrinkle in Time Here

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