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I need a title, please.

Inez By Inez Published on February 19, 2017

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When I was a teen I read a sci-fi book dealing with an apocalyptic event which divides the earth. It becomes two parallel earths, one where all the women suddenly disappeared ,leaving all males, children and babies included, behind. On the 'female' earth, males have seemed to wink out of existence. The book examined how each world reacted, given the current (for 1950-60s) political and social structures of the lost world. I would love to find this book again and re-read it. Can you help?

Found this article relevant?

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Someone on bookwitty.social found a possible name for your half-remembered book: "Sounds like "The Disappearance" by Philip Wylie". See: https://bookwitty.social/web/statuses/400758
(Thanks to Weirdpine! ) :)

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