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How to Create a Reading List on Bookwitty

Bookwitty By Bookwitty Published on October 3, 2016

One of the best ways of contributing on Bookwitty.com is to create a Reading List to share your favorite reads with other people. A Reading List is normally a collection of books, but it can also include articles and pages that you like on Bookwitty.

1. Content Creation

You can access the Reading List by clicking on the icon in the header.

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From there you can select "Reading List."

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2. Enrich Your Content

Give your Reading List a title - think about something eye-catching, such as "10 Books All Cat Lovers Need to Read." Just like the Text post, on a Reading List you can create a rich description including images, links, and embedded content.

3. Add Books to Your List

To add a book to your list, first perform a search for the book or subject matter that you're interested in.  Enter in a query then hit the "return" key or hit the "Search" button.

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You'll see the first tab lets you add books to your list, but you can also search for relevant Articles and Topics.

When you Add a book to your Reading List, keep in mind that it gets added to the area above.  You can easily scroll up to check the books that are currently in your list.

4. Edit Descriptions on Books

If a book is missing a description, or if you just want to give it your own description to explain why you think this is a great book, you can "Say Something" or "Edit Description" on a book.

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When you replace the default description on a book with your own description, it replaces that text in your Reading List only.  

5. (Optional) Add a Conclusion

If you'd like to expound more about why you chose these books, you can also add some text that will show up underneath your Reading List.  

6. Publish Your List

Now that you've added all your content, it's time to share it with the world!  Hit the [Publish] button at the bottom of the Reading List and everyone who's following you will be able to see your list.

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