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How to Add Posts on Bookwitty

Bookwitty By Bookwitty Published on January 21, 2016
This article was updated on April 20, 2017

If you want to contribute your personal thoughts and impressions on Bookwitty, the best way to do this is by creating a Post. Keep in mind that a post is a unique contribution owned by you. Other people can comment and vote on your content, but only you can edit it.

What makes Bookwitty unique is that not only can you create a Post, you can also link it to a Page - such as a Topic, an Author, or a Book. What this means is that your content will be accessible to all the people that are looking at those Pages. This is a great way for other people to discover you, your blog, your ideas. Be careful though - don’t just spam connect your Post to all kinds of things that aren’t relevant or the post could be reported by other users.

The other cool thing about Bookwitty is that you can directly link specific books to your post. This is a great way for you to share your favourite books. By linking books to your post, though, it also makes your Post show up on that Book page. Yet again, another great way for people to discover you and the content you’re creating.

Step 1: Click on Add Content

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You can access Add Content from the header. When you click on this button, it will bring you to Content Creation.

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The first thing it’ll do is ask us whether we want to create a Post, Page, or Reading List. If you’re still confused about the difference, keep in mind that the Post is your individual contribution, while a Page is something that anyone can contribute to. For example, I might create a page for the topic Star Wars. Then, I might write an article “Why Rey was my favourite character in Star Wars: the Force Awakens.”

Step 2: Select the type of Post

Most people will be creating articles, which is a Text post. But here’s a short description of each type of Post:

Text - this is usually an article or blog entry
Quote - for inspirational quotes, quotes from books
Image - you may want to link a cover image, a comic, etc - include the source in your description
Audio - link your favourite songs, podcasts, soundtracks
Video - from book recommendations to lolcats, video’s where it’s at
Link - you may want to share with others your favourite websites

It should be pretty straightforward but once you select the type of Post you want to create, the type of information that we gather from you is different. For example, with the Quote, we want to know the quote itself as well as the source (where it came from). Let’s take a look at each one.

Step 3A: Creating a Text Post

When you create a text post, you get a beautiful, rich-text editor that you can use to create text, embed images and video. Let’s take a look at the editor.

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First you need to set a title for your Post. Click on the words “Enter a title here” to replace that with your title.

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Most important, you have the rich text editor where you can write your article.

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You can type in this section, then highlight some text that you’ve already typed and you’ll notice that you’ll get a pop-up that lets you set the text to bold, italic, heading, or turns it into a link. You can also indent the text or turn it into bullet points.

You’ll also notice that when you go on a new line, there’s a + sign that shows up on the left side. If you click on the +, this lets you upload an Image into the post or paste a video link which will embed the video directly into the text body.

Https%3a%2f%2fs3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads.bookwitty.com%2fc51cf6bf d673 4751 aed7 09b65af9a003 inline original.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1

The last thing to do is set a Cover Image and a Short Description for your post. The Cover Image will show up large at the top of your Post, so make sure to upload something of a nice high quality. Keep in mind that the Cover Image will be automatically cropped to fit the screen size, and it crops it in the centre of the image vertically and horizontally.

Step 3B: Creating a Quote Post

When you’re creating a Quote, the process is the same as creating a Text post except that you have different fields to fill in. You can identify the quote as being from an author, an expert (for example a professor), or just a general quote (“Roses are red, violets are blue.”)

Https%3a%2f%2fs3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads.bookwitty.com%2f51dcd7b4 115c 4bab ac62 47a33ca82218 inline original.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Paste the quote in between the quotation marks.

Lastly, write in the source of the quote. Example, “Richard Dawkins”, or “Stephanie Meyer - The Host.”

Step 3C: Creating an Image Post

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Although you can always post an image into a Text post, in order to enrich your text post, you may just want to upload an image on its own. For example, a comic strip or a beautiful cover image.

Step 3D: Creating an Audio Post

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When creating an audio post, you can paste a link to a podcast or other audio that you want to share. If you post a link from Soundcloud, then it will automatically generate an embedded player so people can listen to the music right in the feed.

Step 3E: Creating a Video Post

Https%3a%2f%2fs3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads.bookwitty.com%2f884371a2 ebab 4adb a79e 32cd6ed691ac inline original.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Bookwitty is a great place to share videos. You might want to share reading recommendations, expert panels, interviews, and more. When you share a video, if you post a link from YouTube or Vimeo it will automatically embed the video player for easy playback in the feed.

Step 3F: Creating a Link Post

Https%3a%2f%2fs3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads.bookwitty.com%2ffbd1f88d e3dc 4b8f 8895 288264b12193 inline original.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Sometimes you just want to share a link to a great resource or website. The best place for this is the Link post, where you can just post a link and your short description.

Publishing Your Post

Once you hit Publish, your content will appear in several places:

  • On your Recent Activity
  • On the Newsfeed of anyone who is following you

Keep in mind that you can always access your own content at any time by accessing My Content from your profile. When you are viewing your own content, you have the Edit and Delete buttons accessible so that you can modify your content.

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