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Hair Fall Problem: How PRP Method Grows Stronger Hair

rahulverma By rahulverma Published on February 16, 2018

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Do you lose more hair than normal and freak out thinking you are going bald? Don’t worry. It's a lot more common with others than you think.

Millions of people share hair fall problem. But, no one is actually talking about the solution.

If truth to be told, high-dense hair over your head is the centre of attraction. But, the hair fall problem, which may include shift of the normal hair pattern, spoils the attraction.

You may have different hair loss symptoms. Like, you can lose more than what you would typically experience. The hair thinking may increase in certain areas of the scalp. Or you may experience growth of bald patches, etc. The problem is, in fact, very common, but typically stressful too.

But what you don't realize is that in many situations hair loss can be reversible. Yes technology has invented a new way of treating hair fall. This is known as PRP Method. It’s a very effective method to stop losing hair.

Let’s dig deeper and get insights into it.

About PRP Method

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is done to improve hair caliber and hair growth. It’s an effective hair fall treatment. The process involves drawing blood from the patient; the enriched cells (platelet-rich-plasma) from the blood are taken out. Then, these cells are injected into the scalp.

Since the PRP contains essential proteins, it stimulates natural hair growth.

How Often Are Injections Given?

After the initial treatment, the doctor schedules a follow-up visit (maybe within 15 days or later) in order to examine the healing progress. Depending on the skin texture, some patients respond very well to just one treatment. Mostly, two or three treatments are required for the satisfactory result.


In the first and fourth injection of PRP, you’ll witness a significant reduction in the hair fall. You can experience increased hair count from an average number of 70 to 90 hair follicular units and so on. Once the PRP method is applied successfully; you’ll fully stop losing hair.

Ideal Candidates

Majorly, two types of patients are ideal candidates for the hair fall platelet-rich plasma treatment.

1. Patients with areas of “weak quality” hair growth on the scalp. In this case, functioning hair follicles can still be observed.

2. Patients with small areas of alopecia areata. In this case, patients gain the greatest success with PRP hair treatments.

Benefits of PRP Technique

It is a simple and completely safe treatment and can be done at a reasonable price. Being a non-surgical process, the treatment doesn’t involve cut marks on your scalp.

How Long the Benefits Last

The benefits may vary from patients to patients. It can stay about four to size weeks. It may require repeated treatments as often as every other month for growing permanent stronger. Depending on the scalp texture, you may require the treatment after one or two year for maintaining the hair growth effects.

Coming to a conclusion, you shouldn’t worry if you are losing your hair more than normal. Rather, you should look for reputed hair transplant clinic to get PRP treatment. 


Rahul Verma is the specialist in hair solution, He has 15 years more than experience in it. He provides free online consultation on hair related problems as Baldness, hair fall, alopecia etc ... Show More

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