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Gotham Review

Jamal Ferguson (Jay) By Jamal Ferguson (Jay) Published on May 10, 2016

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When I first heard about Gotham being made into the series I was pretty excited about it, been able to see how Gotham was before Bruce Wayne becomes batman and when James Gordon becomes commissioner Gordon. The first season of Gotham was good at the time but when I watched season 2 I felt like the writer of Gotham has step up their game, it like that have clearer sense of direction.

The first couple episodes in Gotham season 2 set the tone for the whole season being able to see Mr Freeze, Jerome Valeska as Joker, Azreal and finally Hugo Strange with all these great villains that has appeared in the show. They made changes to a character, which was good, but also kind of confusing whom im talking about his Barbara Keen. We see her meltdown near the end of season 1 and now she is seen as crazy by trying to kill James Gordon but also says she loves him which for me is a little wired for me.

In season two they show a lot of the Edward Nigma AKA the Riddler we are able to see his dark side but the way he finally embraces who he is, there is an episode where we really feel sorry for him but at the same time we are excited to finally see the Riddler coming to the surface.

In season one it felt like they were not sure what kind of show they wanted to be but in season two it feel like they have taken a leaf out of Tim Burton’s batman film. Gotham in season two is so much darker mood in the city, but they have been a couple of bad points in the season also.

The highlight for me in season two of Gotham was seeing Theo Galavan for me he was a great villain he was smooth talking, clever and is able to hold his own as well, the great thing about Theo Galavan was he was always a step ahead of everyone and also had a plan for every situation. Mr Galavan was able to out smart and make penguin lose everything he build in season one.

Another high point in this season is episode called “The son of Gotham” this episode we actually side the inner batman from Bruce him tricking silver St Cloud by getting her to tell Bruce the name of the man that killed his mother and father. I have put in the clips of the whole scene of Bruce Wayne tricking her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MIzfv13qdE

The future for this season look bright at the moment I am looking forward to the season 3 and I can only image how crazy the show is going to be soon everyone will end up catching up and realising that this is a great show with lot of potential.

Im Jamal, i'm a third year in uni at Bucks New University. I study Film and TV Production, i live games, football, watching movies and having a good time.

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