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EXPOSED: Roald Dahl

WittyLeaks By WittyLeaks Published on March 8, 2017

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This article was updated on July 11, 2017

Welsh author Roald Dahl was named for Roald Amundsen, a famous Norwegian explorer.

Dahl wrote to his mother at least once a week until the end of her life. She kept all of his letters.

Roald Dahl had all of his teeth removed at age 21 and replaced with crowns because he believed that dental hygiene was too much trouble.

In September 1940, Dahl was in a serious plane crash in the North African desert and spent six months recovering from his injuries in a hospital in Egypt.

His first daughter's name was Olivia Twenty Dahl because she was born on April 20, 1955 and because Dahl had 20$ in his pocket when he came to the hospital. Olivia died from measles in 1962, and in 1986, Dahl wrote a plea to parents to vaccinate against this dangerous and preventable disease.

After his son Theo's pram was hit by a taxi in New York and developed hydrocephalus, Dahl helped develop the Wade-Dahl-Till valve, a device used to drain excess fluid from the brain.

Dahl was an avid photographer and won awards from the Royal Photographic Society in London, the Photographic Society of Holland and the Egyptian Photographic Society in Cairo. 

Dahl wrote all of his work in pencil on yellow legal pads. He employed a secretary to type out these drafts. 

Dahl bought French Impressionist paintings whenever he sold a story.

Dahl loved dogs. One of his favourites was a Jack Russell terrier named Chopper who enjoyed eating oysters, caviar and candy and miraculously lived 16 years.

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dave found this witty