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Exclusive interview with DK: What makes a pop diva?

WittyLeaks By WittyLeaks Published on May 29, 2017
This article was updated on August 16, 2017

WittyLeaks: What makes a pop diva?

DK: Well, I'm not the best person to answer this question, but I think that a certain amount of sales is required.

WL: So you have a Marxist perspective on the subject of pop divas. What are some of your other criteria?

DK: A certain amount of unfriendliness, which, if I were to use gendered terms, would be 'bitchiness' which I hope is acceptable to use in this context.

It also helps if the pop diva has been in a cheesy movie like Hocus Pocus. 

What about fashion? They probably wear clothes... That didn't come out right. 

WL: Who is your favourite pop diva and why?

DK: Um... I wanted to say Björk, but apparently, that is unacceptable because she is considered too high brow.

GJ: Are we still talking about Katy Perry?

DK: G*r*th, not everything is about Katy Perry. 

WL: Do you have any other thoughts about pop divas? 

DK: We should probably mention something about singing ability because pop divas should naturally be able to sing melismatic stuff. 

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WL: But what about the pop diva in the age of autotune? 

DK: I think that Cher made that perfectly acceptable with "Believe". 


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