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Everything You Need to Know About Spark Plugs

Nidhi tyagi By Nidhi tyagi Published on October 28, 2017

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The spark which gives life to the internal combustion of the engine it comes from the spark plug. It is the most important element to run the car, without spark plug car won't run. There are many things s which help you to know about spark plug. Let us know some facts about spark plug.

Two primary functions of Spark Plug
• To ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine cylinder
• To remove the heat from the combustion chamber
The energy contained in the fuel is converted into dynamic energy in the engine by the spark plug. It is done when the in a spark is set off a small explosion in a cylinder. Making the pistons push into the crank, thus making it rotate and creating the combustion which runs the engine.

Spark Plug Wear
Just like other parts of the car engine, spark plug also gets damage after some period. The primary type of wear is an electrode. One end of a spark plug is narrow, and tapered-there is a wire connected to it. The other end is rounded with a small metal coming out of the center. The center rod is an electrode, through which the electricity passes. The electrode on spark plug wears down because of the use over a period. If it is worn, the spark plug won't create electric power.

What Happen to spark plug when it ages?
When spark reaches the time limit it, it has already been used for a long time or due to extreme temperature and condition.

When to replace Spark Plug?
Automakers recommend to change the spark plug roughly by 30,000 km; the original replacement depends on other factors. Some of the factors are as follows:

• High Performance: If the spark plugs are of high performance it might be possible to replace them more often, as electrode wears down faster.
Long Life: Some spark plugs have a long life and the condition of the electrode is remarkable, so there is no need to change the plug frequently.
Oil Leaks: The base should be clean when spark plugs are pulled out of an engine. If the oil is present that means, there is a leak. It means spark plug and brown seed are need to be replaced due to contamination.
Hard vehicle starts: Spark plug may not work properly if the vehicle takes a long time to start, it can lead to misfire and bad performance.
Lack of Acceleration: If the vehicle is accelerating poorly, or if the vehicle is not responding it is due to the spark plug is not working properly, or vehicle is not in good condition.

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