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DFS Associates: Experience success as a manufacturer’s representative

sissiemask By sissiemask Published on February 21, 2018

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Success does not come to those who don’t put great effort into their works and dreams. As a manufacturer’s representative, you’re required to perform your responsibilities in your job according to the best of your abilities as well. You also need to continue learning and dedicate your time to improving yourself and eventually build a good reputation in your field. 

Disappointments could happen as well as failures, but that does not mean you’ll stop believing, it only means that you need to work even harder.

DFS Associates has years of experience that is definitely worth some praise because of their never-ending grit since day one. The group now aims to help other manufacturer’s representatives like you in making success a reality on this field. But you need to understand important aspects first that could greatly contribute to your success, so read further and learn more.

Your principles as a representative should have a strong connection to your clients, and learn to strengthen that foundation in order to experience success sooner or later. You must have a good knowledge about the design and requirements of your clients as well in order to match them to your product lines. DFS Associates has been using this specific in representing the largest and the best companies in the industry, and they never fail to understand their customer’s base and needs.

Choosing a manufacturer needs a careful process because a huge part of your success still depends on the company and its offered products and services. As mentioned in their previous post, DFS would like you to conduct a thorough research first before deciding which manufacturer to represent wherein you should be knowledgeable about its processes and activities.

Worry not because you can obtain a lot of good information from different sources that were related to manufacturers around the world. If the company is in the United States, visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) office of the manufacturer’s city, while look for the professional association the manufacturer has been involved with if it is found outside the country. Searching for manufacturers associations around the globe could be best done through the official site of The International Association of Manufacturers.

Opening your own business as a manufacturer’s representative could include challenges in the future so you must be prepared for any kind of obstacles that could come into your path. But before anything else, make sure to get a Doing Business As (DBA) or Assumed Name certificate at your local county clerk’s office. And if you’re planning to incorporate your business, go to your state comptroller’s office. Opening a business bank account through your local bank should be done with the DBA certificate or Article of Incorporation.

Choosing a location for your business must be done properly and if needed, perform a proper research about the place in advance. We advise preparing everything beforehand especially the documents if you don’t like being rushed or being late to your appointments. Get telephone and broadband services at your local cable or local telephone company.

Create an office that provides a positive energy and a friendly place to other people. Hiring employees should also be done with caution and choose the ones you can trust with their good background. If your business was incorporated or if you have employees, get an Employer Identification Number or EIN at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

DFS Associates dearly hopes for your success as a manufacturer’s representative and always bear in mind that hard work does not necessarily guarantee success, but no success is possible without hard work. 


Found this article relevant?

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