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Check out these five great comics if you're suffering from superhero saturation

Matt Berry By Matt Berry Published on July 26, 2016
This article was updated on September 30, 2016

Are you experiencing superhero burnout? Are you finding it difficult to tell your Captain Marvels and Americas apart? Can you no longer keep track of who is on whose side and who exactly is "vs." who this week? Well, you've come to the right place! 

Check out these five non-super comics, where you'll find dynamic art, incredible story, and all the "pows!", "booms!" and "kapows!" you could ask for, just without all the capes and tights. 

Charles Burns: Black Hole

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If you need a respite from brooding super-men, try brooding teenagers. This 70s set body horror, about a sexually transmitted disease that slowly turns it's victims into monsters, positively drips with atmosphere. Moody and unsettling, it reads like the love child of Todd Solondz and David Cronenberg. Not sold yet? Two words: seventies mustaches. You're welcome.

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Daniel Clowes: Ghost World

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Nobody captures social awkwardness and the uncomfortable realities of love like Daniel Clowes. He is an expert at skewering hipsters and those who skewer hipsters. No one is safe from his pen, not even himself, which makes this book incredibly insightful and honest. The story of two best friends who aren't nearly as cynical as they wish they are is brutal, hilarious, surreal, sweet and absolutely essential. 

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Rick Remender: Deadly Class

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Set during the Reagan administration, this monthly title, collected in a series of trade paperbacks, is ostensibly a high school coming of age story. But this is not your ordinary school. This is a training academy for assassins, future despots and master criminals. This kind of high concept could easily collapse under its own weight, but writer Rick Remender keeps things moving at a brisk pace with great character work. Violent, funny and sexy, this mean little book is sharp in all the right places. Soon to be adapted into a TV show, pick this up now so you can say you read it before it gets popular, like we all pretend to have done for Game of Thrones.

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Jeff Lemire: Descender

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Another monthly comic collected in trade, this gem is truly exciting. The story of a boy robot in a universe where his kind is illegal and hunted, this gorgeously painted story evokes the best of the giants of the genre. The term "Spielbergian" is thrown around a lot these days. In fact, the phrase "The term "Spielbergian" is thrown around a lot these days." is thrown around a lot, but the shoe certainly fits. This is summer blockbuster sci-fi with a beating heart and charisma to burn. A must read. 

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Grant Morrison: WE3

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A rabbit, a cat, and a dog, on the run from the government who turned them into living weapons. Yes, you read that correctly. With hyper-detailed art and insane action, this is Homeward Bound directed by John Carpenter. It manages to be both widescreen chase movie and intimate drama. Just like a deep fried Mars bar, you didn't even know you needed it until you had it, and now that you have it, you wonder how you ever lived without it. 

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