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Canadian Author Andrew Battershill's Essential Reading for the Holidays

Bookwitty By Bookwitty Published on November 23, 2016

Andrew Battershill is a Canadian writer, whose debut novel, Pillow, was longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and the Sunburst Award, and a finalist for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize, in 2016. He was cofounder with Jeremy Hanson-Finger of the online literary magazine Dragnet MagazineOriginally from British Columbia, he studied creative writing at the University of Toronto, and currently works as a teacher in Columbus, Ohio in the US.

How will you be spending your holidays?

My wife and I will be visiting my family (1 baby) and her family (TWIN BABIES). In summary: plane rides and lifting gullible babies above my head and telling them that they are airplanes

Which books would you like to read during the holidays that you haven't found time to read before?

I'm very excited to finally get the time to read Frederic Brown's first novel, The Fabulous Clipjoint. Just in general, I'd recommend any of his work, and especially Night of the Jabberwock, which is brilliant. I'll also be digging into Paul Scheerbart's The Grey Cloth: A Novel of Glass Architecture. Scheerbart is a recent find for me, and his particular brand of hilarious and inspiring anti-materialist idealism is something that's really working to quell my soul-rending terror at the state of the world lately.

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Which book(s) do you re-read regularly during the holidays that you might buy as a gift for a friend or recommend to your children?

My most consistent, and most successful, book gift has always been The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy, by Laurence Sterne. I return to it any time I need a breath of fresh air. 

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