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But what do vegans eat? 6 cookbooks to help you go vegan easily

Aga Zano By Aga Zano Published on January 22, 2016
This article was updated on October 16, 2016

Whether you've already decided to go vegan, or are just considering introducing some changes in your diet - you can't go wrong with plant-based food. It's quick, simple, and delicious. Even more importantly, it is kind - for your body and for the rest of the world. 

Still, there might be some reasons stopping you from trying to include more vegan cooking in your everyday life. Let's hear the most common ones out:

  • There'd be nothing left for me to eat!
  • I don't know how to cook balanced vegan meals.
  • Vegan diet takes a lot of fuss and effort.
  • Wait, chocolate isn't vegan?!
  • I'm not a good cook. This would be way too difficult. And probably way too expensive.
  • I just never thought about it seriously. I have no idea how to even start.

Luckily, with a little help you will see that these worries are nothing more than just myths - and no matter what you're hoping to achieve, there's always a cookbook for it.

1. I want cooking to be fun and easy. Also, I have no patience for this Impossible Perfect Food Blogger thing. I'M HUNGRY.

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This book is an ultimate guide for everyone who wants to go vegan without feeling like it's a big deal. Because it's not. Actually, you could give this book to anyone you know and wait until they notice it's vegan. And wait. And wait. And wait.

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It's simple, super tasty, and straight to the point. It's also hilarious, because it's the cookbook of your dreams. 

As if that was not enough, it's full of useful, actual, real-life knowledge (and not some Instagram or Pinterest 'inspiration' you well know you'll never get anywhere close to, because you happen to be a living, breathing human being). You will learn how to make killer snacks, mean main courses and damn good breakfasts. No more puny salads - get ready for a food coma.

I almost forgot - this book is packed with foul language. Because if you never swear while cooking, you're a little liar. We all do.

2. I'm terrible at cooking, but I don't want anyone to find out. HELP.

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Food 52 is one of the most popular cooking websites out there - and rightly so, as they can pull a recipe out of everything and nothing, while keeping it simple, elegant, and absolutely delicious. This is a collection of their most successful and effortless recipes that are guaranteed to work. Even if you can't cook. And I promise nobody will ever notice.

The lovely people at Food 52 focus on using seasonal ingredients and on making cooking a simple, enjoyable experience, rather than a complex ritual where an infinite amount of things can go wrong (and we all fear it deep inside so we end up ordering a pizza). If you have an onion and two paper clips in your fridge, they'll make it work. 

And it'll look BEAUTIFUL.

3. But I could never go vegan.

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Yup, there's a cookbook out there just for you. Kristy Turner is one of the most beloved vegan bloggers out there, and not without reason. She has ALL the answers for every single excuse a reluctant omnivore might ever come up with, and she doesn't do it by talking. One look at her pizzas, burgers and burritos will be more convincing than anything anyone could ever say to you. 

Kristy happily addresses all the doubts you have with amazing recipes and simple solutions that will change the way you look at food - to much richer, more flavourful, and kinder. 

4. But it's so much fuss without spreads, sauces and all the condiments at hand.

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Actually, it's not. This book is going to soon become your best friend - it contains hundreds of ideas for easy homemade spreads, sauces, but also meat substitutes, vegan yoghurt, mayo, cheese, bacon and everything you may ever come up with. 

Apart from the obvious benefit of having your pantry always well-equipped without much effort (saving you countless grocery store trips), it's also great to know exactly where alll your food comes from. Vegan or not, we live in times when the food we get in stores can contain virtually anything, from sugar to old shoelaces, so with Miyoko's help you'll never have to think about it again. Additional benefit: most of these recipes will save you tons of money in the long run.

5. Oh, while we're at it, I'm kinda skint. 

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If money's running short (and nobody knows more about cooking on a budget than students!), this is something for you. When there's no money to spin and no time to waste (that hangover ain't gonna cure itself), go to this book for help. Student's Go Vegan Cookbook will have all the answers on how to whip out a filling, tasty meal without breaking a piggybank, and just in a few minutes. Also, Carole has worked for Child's Path, where she counseled families on money-saving dietary improvements, so she really knows what she's talking about.

No-nonsense, comfort food with zero fuss. We've got it covered, and now so do you.

6. Great, but I want my dessert. Let's be real, an apple won't cut it.

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Of course an apple won't cut it, and boy, do vegans love their sweets! Luckily, our favourite vegan post-punk chef Isa Chaandra Moskowitz has all the answers. From brownies to peanut butter chocolate pillows to truly magical coconut cookie bars, here you'll find over 100 recipes for any cookie lover out there. If you thought vegan diet was all about losing weight and never pigging out on sweets, think again. Sorry.

And if you want more sweet, sweet ideas, go to Isa for some advice on vegan cupcakes and pies straight from heaven. Hazelnut muffins with raspberry and chocolate ganache? Salted pecan caramel pie? Chocolate–peanut butter tartlets? YOU'RE WELCOME.

Translator, linguist, copywriter, literary agent. Enjoys bad puns, exploring ruined buildings and being the weird one.