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Belgian Comic Book Writer Zidrou's Essential Reading for the Holidays

Bookwitty By Bookwitty Published on November 23, 2016
This article was updated on December 14, 2016

Benoît Drousie, AKA Zidrou, was born in Belgium in 1962 and was once a school teacher. "I write about the silly things that go on in my head...and I get paid for it. It's true, I promise! L'élève Ducobu , Les crannibales , Tamara, Lydie, Ric Hochet, etc. I try to do my job as honestly as possible without betraying my characters. You never know when they might seek revenge. Otherwise, for the really important details, I'm married, have four boys (Les Dalton!) and I live (a good start) in Andalucia (which is even better!) and from there, nice and warm in my office, listening to the beautiful "Darling Arithmetic" by the Villagers, I write these lines. There have been far worse jobs. 

How will you be spending your holidays?

With my wife and youngest son we will be visiting one of our sons who has been living in Australia for 18 months. Rest and relaxation!

Which book or books would you like to read during the holidays that you haven't had time to read before?

Millions of books! But I may bring with me the biggest novels on my bookshelf--you know, those ones that are 800-1000 words long that I haven't yet read or re-read. The books that one always reads after the novels that are more modest in size. And poetry--all of a sudden I'm hungry for poetry! It must be the Trump "effect"! Paul Eluard and Jacques Prévert.

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Which book(s) do you re-read regularly during the holidays that you might buy as a gift for a friend or recommend to your children?

I'm soon going to see the [comic strip] exhibit "Gaston" at the Pompidou Center in Paris. I'd like to offer the entire "Gaston" collection [by André Franquin] to anyone who hasn't been lucky enough to...laugh. And for books with "real sentences" in them, I will never tire of giving Yasunari Kawabata's The House of Sleeping Beauties to those who are unfamiliar with it. It's everything I would have liked to write on beauty and old age.  

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