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Behind the Scenes: Lumi's Video Shoot for their single My Love

LUMI By LUMI Published on January 15, 2018

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My Love is a track that deals with the need of salvation we all go through after falling into seemingly unsurmountable lows.

When it came time to shoot the music video for it, we collaborated with director Inaam Attar and together worked on a visual concept that would translate this idea onto screen.

Given the structure and production of the song, a video that depicts an unending  race seemed like the right fit.

Literally you would have a figure running after a light with the sole objective of capturing it. Metaphorically we'd be delving into the concept of an unending obsession to seek an unattainable salvation. 

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The video was shot in a park that is located in the middle of the city of Beirut. What's interesting about this spot of land is that it's inhabited with highly concentrated stretches of trees. So even if you are completely surrounded by concrete buildings , you find yourself in a sort of visual cocoon. You are able to get the illusion of being in a forest without having to drive for extended hours and actually shoot in one.

Here is a behind the scenes look at our video shoot for My Love:

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The music video was shot on a cold winter evening in a Lebanese forest located in the centre of the Beirut
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The cover of our album The Night Was a Liar was shot during this same evening.

Check out the music video for My Love here:

All of the pictures in this article were shot by Myriam Boulos. 


Lumi are a two-piece alternative electronic rock band from Beirut, Lebanon, with Marc Codsi on synths and drum machines & Mayaline Hage on vocals and guitar.

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