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Lilly Vogelesang By Lilly Vogelesang Published on November 2, 2015

Bookwitty allows you to do many social things, the most important of which is creating and sharing your own content. Before we get to that, though, let’s introduce a concept that we’re really happy about here at Bookwitty - the concept of Pen Names.

Each one of us has many different interests that make us up as a whole person. If I look at myself, I’m:

  • An author
  • A cat lover
  • Running a development team
  • Interested in Project Management
  • Interested in Marketing and UX

Now let’s imagine that I go goo-goo over cat pictures - if I decide to start a professional blog about Product Development, I probably don’t want to be posting a ton of fluffy cat pictures on there - some people might unfollow me if I post a lot of content they’re not interested in. Contrarily, people who want to follow my cat content might not be interested in my professional blog.  And now, here's a picture of a cute cat.

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Since we all wear many hats at Bookwitty, we wanted to build Pen Names into the platform at the very beginning. If we look at it like this, at the core top level is your User Account. This is tied to you as a person. This is where we store your account information, your real name, etc. No one has to know what that real information is.

Then the Pen Names are what the public will see. You’ll use your Pen Names to create content. When you create a Pen Name, it automatically has its own Profile where people can see everything that you post as a social action from that Pen Name - including writing articles, posting videos. People follow your Pen Names to see what content you’re posting.

You can create many different Pen Names, and they are all linked to your User Account, but only you know that your Pen Names are all you. In other words, if you have some secret hidden passion that you don’t want anyone to know about, just create a Pen Name and post content from that Pen Name.

On the Pen Name’s Profile page, you can create a Biography for yourself, and if you want to let other users know about your other Pen Names you can inform them there.

Keep reading about how you can contribute by Voting on Bookwitty. 

I spend my day working on Special Effects for movies, but at the end of the day, what really makes me tick is the mix between technology and art. To make a good movie, it all begins with a good ... Show More

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