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Batman Arkham Knight Review

Jamal Ferguson (Jay) By Jamal Ferguson (Jay) Published on May 10, 2016

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Batman Arkham Knight what can I say about it maybe my most favourite game in 2015 the hype for this video was crazy ever since everyone played Arkham city everyone wanted to know when the new games was going to be released. This isn’t the biggest game of the Arkham series and is seen as a great game that is nearly perfect. There are a couple of the problems that could of improved that game and made it a perfect game.

Let discuss about the bad things first but there only a few things I can say about it. First of all the batmoblie when I heard it was going to be in the game I was excited been able to drive the batmobile was a dream it was the only reason why Rocksteady made the map so big. The car is useful don’t get me wrong but it felt like we was forced to use the batman and Rocksteady was throwing into battle against tanks a lot of the time which did get a bit boring and little repetitive at times. The other thing is there was no good boss battle at all which was disappointing the fact that in Arkham City they had great boss battles but in this game there was hardly any rememberable ones the only fight we have that is decent is facing against Man-bat even though we have to create antidote to save man bat which it was a surprised that he was in this games.

Now I have talked about the negative stuff I want to move on to the positive things about this game and maybe my favourite batman game of all time but maybe the best super hero game of all time.

Let talk about the combat in this great game the combat for me it like it has improved since Arkham city it felt like batman was more aggressive the combat is a blueprint to other games like Shadow of Mordor and Mad Max that is for good reason the combat in this game was so smooth, if you was good at batman game you would love to get into a fight because the fight for me was the best part.

The different enemies in this games was great you had the medics that where reviving the enemies you beat up and even giving the enemies a electric charge that will shock you if they touch you or facing ninja that can dodge your attacks it makes you think of a strategy on who you take down first. The gadgets are a lot more use full in this game but my favourite gadget was the disruptor. The disruptor was the most useful thing to have if you upgraded it, it would be the most use thing to have you could sabotage drones, sabotage medic, sabotage mine and other things you can do to it.

Side missions was a massive thing in this game when I played I felt like I had to play the side mission but it was great I wanted to play side mission because it was the only way to get the full ending but also it helps you be able upgrade batman and his car.

It is the end of the Arkham the series which does make me feel really upset but Rocksteady ended on a high. They have improved from the Arkham Asylum and city but made it ten times better, I cant bring down the score of this game because of the batmobile or the fact there wasn’t much boss battles but like i said before the Arkham series is the best super-hero game of all time...PERIOD.

Im Jamal, i'm a third year in uni at Bucks New University. I study Film and TV Production, i live games, football, watching movies and having a good time.

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