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Authors - get excited about Bookwitty

Lilly Birdsong By Lilly Birdsong Published on January 14, 2016
This article was updated on November 14, 2016

Being an author in 2016 is totally different than it was 10 years ago. If you think about the fact that social media didn’t exist, and the internet wasn’t widely used like it is today, then you will realize how much has changed. It’s more than just a technological innovation, it’s a social one as well.

Writing as a medium is one that is used to bring people together, to express stories, shared experiences, and share knowledge. By definition writing is a communication medium - although it seems at the core to be a solo activity, the purpose is to interact with people. As an author, what you want is to share your work with others. Every author wishes that more people will read their book.

At the core of the design of the Bookwitty platform is the idea of discovery.

When you think about the way that people discover books today, they might have an idea of the book they want to read - the subject matter - and then they might do a search, breeze through a few websites, read some reviews, read some blogs, and then at the end of the day decide what book they want to buy. When they actually decide to buy the book, they might go to a bookstore (online or physical) and buy the book. Let’s call this discovery by content.

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Another major way of discovering books is by word of mouth. Your friend reads a book and tells you, you really need to read this book - this is the best! Nowadays, word of mouth is also contained together in the concept of social media. If you’re following your friends, or following popular influencers that like the same types of things you do, then you would get personal recommendations there. Let’s call this social discovery.

Finally, there is discovery through eCommerce. If you purchase a lot of books online, then eCommerce sites will recommend books to read that are similar to ones you have already purchased. However there are limitations to what can be done by simply looking at your purchase history - the things that you were interested in the past may not be interesting to you anymore. You may want to explore other types of content based on your interests. Or, there may be a great book that comes out on a subject that you haven’t purchased anything on in years, but this could really interest you. It’s very hard to fine-tune pure eCommerce recommendation entries to predict what you might want to read next. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. Let’s call this discovery through eCommerce.

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When you bring these three things together:

  • Content
  • Social
  • eCommerce

…You get Bookwitty!

On the Bookwitty platform, anyone can sign up and create a blog and create relevant content. However, they can also link books directly to their content, so that they can write relevant entries that can recommend specific books to people with similar interests. People can follow their content, discover books, and ultimately purchase them.

It’s bringing everything together into one, single discovery experience.

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It’s that simple.

So why, as an author, should you care? Well, if you’re a bestselling author, then discovery is probably not a huge issue for you. However if you’re still working on marketing your book, then you can tap into a different audience by creating content that’s related to the topics you’ve covered in your book. That way, you are getting to the heart of what people are actually looking for when they’re looking for a book - content.

Another reason that authors should really care is that in order to produce the best work, you need to be in tune with what your audience thinks about your work. 5 star ratings and one-liner reviews might be able to give you a basic idea of what people think, but being able to connect directly with your readers is so much more powerful. We want to encourage a platform of exchange, where people can share ideas with each other, with authors, get expert opinions and encourage discourse.

We are committed to creating the best discovery platform out there. Bookwitty is on the way.

I am a Sci-Fi writer. I love drinking whiskey, hanging out with my 2 cats, and kickboxing. Check out Children of RIVA if you're interested in my work. Oh, and in my spare time I work ... Show More

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