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Assassin Creed Unity

Jamal Ferguson (Jay) By Jamal Ferguson (Jay) Published on May 11, 2016

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What can I say about assassin unity a game that I had a lot of high hopes for but I felt I was left disappointed but there is some positives from this game that I will be explain. Let start with the main characters Arno he a bit boring to be honest he was charming from the start of the game but when he becomes a assassin he turns way to serious it not like when Enzo became an assassin he still kept his charm. When playing as Arno I wanted to care about him but the story wasn’t making me feel like I should care for him. The game was great when you went off and did the side mission not saying the main story mission was good because there were a few very good mission but just going of and doing your own thing.

Ubisoft’s did a great job in terms of graphics they made the 18th-century Paris look amazing as we all know Ubisoft always does a great job when it comes to graphics. When I climbed up to get a viewpoint you can see the amazing work they put in to this game it truly is amazing to see. The crown in this game was very impress there is a mission involving Louis XVI where there is a massive crown and it makes you think how long they had to create the right atmosphere to see the crowd rioting and shouting.

It was great running on roof stops but sometimes the traveling would be annoying because you couldn’t get a horse to get to the next mission or your next destination well for me it was annoying but it would been nice if there was other terms of transports. The parkour system is pretty amazing there have made some smooth getting up the building and they have added a new system you can now do a downward parkour. The covering was some time a bit annoying it would feel like I’m wasn’t in cover.

The main problem I had in this game was that every character was talking in an English accent it was so wired for me I’m playing a game that set in France but there talking like there were from England.

The customization in this game is simply amazing maybe the best customization in any of the other assassin creed game. it was always fun looking at the weapons and see which one would improve Arno.

The co-op mission were my favourite thing to do been able to connect a friend and do mission where you have to work as a team but also they gave upgrades for you character to make him the master assassin he becomes later on.

Overall the game was disappointing they went backward when this game was released which is a shame because Black flag was a great game and when this game was announced I was excited but playing the game just left me very disappointed the ending wasn’t great either I felt like the whole game was rushed because there was a lot of problem with this game that should have been sorted out before it was released. Many people have said ubisoft should take a break and do some re-thinking on how they can get to there best. 

Im Jamal, i'm a third year in uni at Bucks New University. I study Film and TV Production, i live games, football, watching movies and having a good time.

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