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Amazing and true. Fantastic non-fiction for the fiction lover

Barry Michaels By Barry Michaels Published on August 3, 2016
This article was updated on November 15, 2016

Thrilling. Mysterious. Hilarious. Horrifying. These descriptions aren't always reserved for fiction, so take a look at these incredible non-fiction books, where you'll find everything you love about great novels: well-drawn characters, twists, complex narratives and most importantly, damn good stories.

Jeffrey Toobin: The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson

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The American Tragedy. The trial of the century. The trial of any century. Unprecedented access to what really happened, this book is taut, suspenseful, insightful and honest, it's fly-on-the-wall immediacy making it the definitive O.J. book. So good, so gripping that you'll forget how this story really ended. Heart-wrenching, disturbing, frustrating, and somehow darkly comic, this is the legal thriller that John Grisham wish he wrote. Although he probably would have changed that ending. 

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Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell: Disaster Artist, The: My Life Inside the Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made 

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This is the story of Tommy Wiseau, a man who set out to direct the greatest movie ever made, but instead produced a film so spectacularly inept, so unfathomably awful, so cringe-worthy, so incomprehensible, so truly unique and incredible, that it must be seen to be believed. This book chronicles the making of the cinematic atrocity known as "The Room", often called the worst movie ever made, depicting Wiseau as a Quixotic figure, a dreamer so unfettered and blind to his own staggering lack of skill that you can't help but root for him. Equal parts inspiring, heartfelt, and hilarious, do not read this in a public place because you will be laughing like a lunatic. "So bad it's good" has never been this good.

                                                               Buy here

Blake J Harris: Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle That Defined a Generation

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Were you a Nintendo kid or a Sega kid? The debate rages on even today, and this book charts the many battles and skirmishes that made up the titular video game war of the 90s. Filled from cover to cover with great characters and wonderful industry trivia, this classic underdog tale casts Sega as David to Nintendo's Goliath, and it hits all the right notes. Whether you were a fan of Mario or Sonic, just like Rocky, cinema's ultimate underdog story, you'll be cheering for Sega to go the distance with Nintendo. 

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Jon Krakauer: Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster

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This harrowing account of one of the deadliest disasters ever to befall an expedition up Mount Everest grabs you so tightly that for every page you read, you'll feel more oxygen squeezing out of your lungs, more snow encrusting your face, and more of your muscles screaming in pain. Written with urgency, true respect for the event and laced with palpable fear, there is real life heroism on display here that will make your breath catch in your throat. Chasing Pikachu up the subway stairs is one thing, but if true adventure is what you're looking for, look no further than these pages.

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Anthony Bourdain: Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly

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This brash, fast-paced and highly entertaining peek into the sometimes sordid, often profane and always fascinating world of restaurants is incredibly addictive. Bourdain is a skilled raconteur, turning a whole chapter on menu choice into a Dan Brown level page turner. The perfect source for all the dirty deets on the restaurant biz, the prose is sharp and insightful, and like any amazing meal, it offers great value for money using unpretentious,  fresh ingredients, prepared simply and deliciously. And just like the best meals, it will leave you satisfied, full but not stuffed, drowsy but not tired, totally elated, and craving another helping.

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