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"Adonis kicked out of yoga" An extract from my first book

jad By jad Published on March 23, 2017

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"...Adonis was fired three times from yoga class with the third time being the last. However, this was not the reason why he decided to leave the country. He never really needed these classes anyway. With time, he had grown to hate both yoga and salsa. Before yoga, he had also been fired from painting classes, boxing classes and archery classes for having deliberately killed a hedgehog. To him, his neighbor, the bald and smiling Joe, was definitely not a good example: After three years of practicing yoga, Joe became quite obnoxious. Not only he read Paulo Coelho books on the beach, but he also ordered the most expensive French wine. Even worse, Joe’s girlfriend was cheating on him with her best female friend while the poor man kept the same stupid smirk on his face, the one that people have when they’re featured on fashion magazine covers. This was also the kind of smirk that one learns from life coaches who have no life.

The relationship of Adonis and Nathalie was going downhill. She was angry whenever he spent his weekends in Bchellaya at his sculpture teacher, Gustave Habib. The latter had never sacked Adonis because he had a calling for sculpture.

Gustave sniffed cocaine regularly. The rehab center tried to help him and cure him but he always went back. People there even started calling him Gus. On Christmas eve in 2005, the center had the idea that Gustave should be celebrating this sacred moment with his loved ones. Everyone seemed happy that Gustave had found the right path again. However, right after dinner when the prayers were about to start, Gustave quickly rose to his feet with his glass of whiskey (with two ice cubes) in his hand, and he headed towards the Christmas tree. He carefully picked up the snowflakes that decorated the nativity scene and sniffed them. He repeated his gesture a second time and then a third time under his guests’ shocked eyes. Instead of the usual flour or powder that Christian families normally use for decoration, there were there around one hundred grams of cocaine scattered around the Christmas tree and even among the little sheep, the three wise men and baby Jesus..."

I was raised in a village called Ehden in the high and heavenly Lebanese mountains. It is a place where you grow up smelling the scent of thyme, rosemary and a wide range of mediterranean herbs ... Show More

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