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About Ad Leverage Digital - Traditional Media – Trusted& Proven(AdLeverage)

Ad  Leverage By Ad Leverage Published on August 12, 2017

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Ad Leverage is a consumer-facingad agency, providing a full suite of marketing services for mid-sized, emerging and enterprise-sized companies.

While Ad Leverage was founded with traditional media buying services being the primary offering, we have tailored an approach which brings together traditional marketing channels and digital media to comprise a 360-degree approach toward advertising campaigns.

Some say traditional media is dated, but we like to think of it as a foundational approach that consistently proves its worth and R.O.I. when leveraged properly.

With expertise and client success via various mediums, Ad Leverage provides a one-stop shop for every aspect of creative, collateral material and/or technology needed to run a successful advertising campaign.


Billboards, print ads, and direct mail have consistently and effectively reached consumers for years. Research shows audiences trust in traditional media, which has been established over decades. With more than 20 hours per week spent commuting to and from work, millions of impressions are captured from outdoor billboards, public transportation, posters, digital billboards and more.


It is no secret that consumer viewing habits have shifted and are more segmented than ever. This shift necessitates a more dynamic approach to capturing these eyeballs. From watching cable TV, streaming Netflix, or checking out your favorite You tube videos, audiences are consuming hours of viewable media daily. TV advertising offers flexible pricing and reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers simultaneously.

Our expertise spans cable, satellite, and broadcast TV; specifically local, regional and national markets including mobile television and video; each adding an opportunity to capture your potential clientele.


Radio advertising reaches audiences near and far. Over 90 percent of consumers listen to the radio regularly while in their cars on their commute to work. Radio advertising has proven to be cost-effective and economical. The combination of reaching the masses and relatively In expensive cost structures make radio advertising an integral aspect of many successful campaigns.


Though a wide-held misconception exists that print is dead, we have numerous agency clients running successful print campaigns that would wholeheartedly disagree with that statement. Print advertising can be very effective and engaging, when properly executed. Newspaper, magazine, catalog, trade and many forms of direct mail can all be effective forms of engendering response. While the population increasingly consumes media via “new” technology, 80 percent of households still get some form of media in print.

Digital Strategy

Our Strategic Account Management offers unparalleled analysis and direction into your current internal efforts championing solutions that will scale your business.


Ad Leverage is one of a very select number of media planning/buying agencies with a full in-house creative department. We have been creating print and video content for the past decade and our in-house team will help separate you from your competition. We create stunning commercials, websites, landing pages and print content and collateral that will get you noticed and enhance your internal and external marketing initiatives.


Whether it’s geo-targeted advertising, focusing on local keywords, or optimizing your local listings, our local strategy experts will not only create a custom plan for your business needs today, but also help you focus and execute longer-term business goals. Additionally, as leaders in reputation management, we understand your company name is your online business card, and will work with you to ensure it’s well managed and well protected.

Google Analytics

Ad Leverage’s Google Analytics-savvy team willen sure your account is properly setup and continuously optimized. The insights gained from our analytical approach will help you make more informed, hence, better business decisions. Our ability to craft and manage R.O.I. centric custom digital strategies is second to none.

Content Marketing

Content is king, and essential to earn search engine authority and maximized user engagement. Ad Leverage knows how to create top-notch content that will generate improved site traffic, engage your customer base, and increase customer loyalty.

Digital Services

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing

Traditional Services

· Outdoor

· Television

· Radio

· Print

Follow: https://adleveragereview.wordpress.com



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