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4 Ways to Give Modern Touch to Your Office

Tarun Aarya By Tarun Aarya Published on February 8, 2018

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To boost the enthusiasm and productivity of the employees, it is important that they come to an inviting and engaging workplace. This can be achieved through the right and comforting office décor. Overly decorated offices appear unprofessional, and it might be distracting for the employees. The need is to create a modern space that plays to employees’ passion points and motivates them. It can be done in a variety of ways, like playing through color & patterns, introducing modern office desks, placing inspirational boards, etc.

Let us learn some of the good methods to do so.


Lighting is one of the essential parts of office décor which can never be underrated. Office space should never be dark and dingy giving a feeling of cramped space leading to low productivity. If the office receives natural light, it is perfect! Let the natural light enter office premise as much as it can. Otherwise, add good quality lights. Brighten the corners of the workspace using lamps. You can find modern, unique, colorful shades of lamps to add flare to your workspace. For a more modern touch, introduce low hanging tea lights over your desk. Under cabinet, lights are another way to modernize your workspace and add a source of functionality.

Office furniture

Office furniture is perhaps the first thing that catches the fancy of the visitors. It not only adds functionality to a workspace but also complements the office décor. Office furniture makes the most of the office space, so you should spend time in planning and choosing the right pieces. The wrong furniture not only can create problems but also eats away the space. It is necessary to scale down the office furniture so that it can fit the space and optimize the work place. To give a modern look to your office, you need to choose pieces that are modern design and great in functionality, such as modern office desks, light wood furniture, executive desk, private meeting table, glass furniture, bookcase cabinet, modern chair, sofa, coffee table. Make sure that furniture pieces have a lot of storage space. It will keep the clutter away and make the office space clean and sleek. Avoid big and bulky designs and always invest in those pieces you will need and keep the space open and fresh.

Technology devices

They often make the second most important stuff in a workplace. They can be big and bulky making the space chaotic with all the chords needed to operate them. To avoid this, try installing only those equipment you need. It will reduce the amount of space needed to house it. Try to get smaller-scaled versions of technology devices which will get the same work done without bulky ones; for example, some work can be done without having large printers, faces, copiers which take plenty of floor space. Many of these devices come in combinations which can perform more than one task at the same time. A tangled mess of cords create a chaotic feel in the workspace; organize, bundle and hide them to keep the space need, and tidy.


Color plays a crucial role in uplifting the mood of a person. Keep it energetic and contemporary. For a modern touch, use bold and vibrant colors. Splashing a fresh coat of paint on office walls is sufficient to fuel energy in the work environment. Full and muted tones leave employees unmotivated. So, pay attention to creating a space that makes you energized and productive.

An office space is an important part of a person’s life where s/he spends several hours of the day. It must be soothing and motivating. Hope these tips will help you bring a modern touch to your office décor.


Tarun is a Digital Marketing enthusiast who loves to write about all things digital, tech, and marketing.

Found this article relevant?

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