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4 Reasons to Delete Your Goodreads TBR Today

TheBookWheel By TheBookWheel Published on March 26, 2016

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I recently did something drastic – I deleted my Goodreads TBR list. It was getting out of control and I knew that it was no longer useful. I had a mini-panic attack before I hit the button, so I downloaded a .CSV file before making it official, but as it turns out, I don’t need the backup at all. I learned a lot from deleting my TBR and reading has become much more pleasant when I’m not agonizing over what to read next. Here are 10 things I learned and that are perfectly good reasons for you to follow suit.


A TBR list is basically a massive to-do list, so deleting it is incredibly liberating. Without 200+ books calling your name, you are free to read as you please. Of course, many people do this already, but I always found that reading too many books in a row that weren’t on the list made me feel guilty.


Because forgoing books on my TBR list made me feel guilty, not having a massive TBR list automatically alleviated my guilt. Although the act of deleting my list was a great source of anxiety, it didn’t take long to get over it and move to a happier place.


I spent a lot of time looking for what book to read next. A lot of time. Between the library, Amazon, and my Goodreads TBR list, I was overwhelmed with books. In fact, my TBR got to be so big that it was essentially another library and an easy place to waste even more time. Now that I have less “obligations” I have more time to read. Sure, I still spend hours browsing the library site and Amazon, but removing the list that made me feel the guiltiest left me with more time to read.


I admit, many of the books on my TBR list were not books I was super excited about. Some looked good, some I heard about in passing and didn’t want to forget about, and a few were books I actually really and truly wanted to read. Now, my list is only books that I really and truly want to read. I figure that, between bestseller lists, book bloggers, and recommendations from friends, the odds of me forgetting about a book I want to read are pretty slim and only save the ones I don’t think I can live without.

Now that I’ve shared with you my personal experience with deleting my Goodreads TBR list, how about you share your experiences? Do you cull your list regularly? Do you skip the TBR altogether? Are you thinking about deleting yours? 

Allison Hiltz runs the award-winning book review website, The Book Wheel, and founded the international blog roundup event, #30Authors. The Book Wheel has been featured in advertisements in the ... Show More

Found this article relevant?

RebeccaScaglione found this witty

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