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20 Affordable Ways to Go Green At Work

TheBookWheel By TheBookWheel Published on November 19, 2015

Going green is not a new concept and businesses have been embracing the concept for years, but many still associate the endeavor with financial inputs. This assumption isn't necessarily wrong when it comes to office overhauls, but there are many ways that businesses, particularly small businesses on a budget, can go green without breaking the bank. If you're asking yourself why you should consider going green, I'll leave you with this one fact: Roughly 50% of Americans choose where they shop based on a company's environmental record, and just as many can name a company they've chosen or dropped because of it. In order to help you achieve success with this demographic, here are 20 affordable ways to go green:

The List

1. Give up the paper invoices and switch to digital.

2. Implement a recycling program in your office - kick it up a notch by running a contest for the employee who recycles the most.

3. Choose team building events based on proximity to your office location and skip those aren't within walking distance.

4. Ban bottled water in the office.

5. Ensure that all electronics are powered down at night (even better, unplug them completely if you can!)

6. Swap out your lightbulbs to more energy efficient ones.

7. If you do have to print, only print double-sided documents.

8. Buy office supplies in bulk to reduce shipping materials - and only buy those you need.

9. Install motion censors in areas with less foot traffic.

10. Install an air dryer and ditch the paper towels.

11. Buy a set of dishes for the office kitchen instead of supplying paper plates and cups.

12. Back up data to the cloud instead of physical devices.

13. Offer incentives (such as purchasing their passes) to employees to take public transportation to work.

14. Reuse files and folders.

15. Read and edit online rather than printing them.

16. Swap out your packing foam for biodegradable and environmentally friendly stuffing.

17. Offer work at home days for those with longer commutes that don't allow for public transportation options.

18. Unsubscribe from junk mail - that's a lot of paper you can save!

19. Replace old equipment with more energy efficient devices (and recycle the old!)

20. Remove light bulbs from really bright offices and use the natural light to compensate.

Has your business gone green? What did you do? 


Allison Hiltz runs the award-winning book review website, The Book Wheel, and founded the international blog roundup event, #30Authors. The Book Wheel has been featured in advertisements in the ... Show More