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10 Super-Profound Quotes on Reading. By Me.

Matt Cherry By Matt Cherry Published on November 7, 2017
This article was updated on November 7, 2017

Hi, my name’s Matt Cherry. You may remember me from my BookTube series, Reading with Matt Cherry or from that time that you waved at your friend on the street and I thought you were waving at me, so I waved back, and then I realized that you weren't actually waving at me, and I had to pretend that I was just stretching my arm.

When I’m not finding the best undiscovered reads, I’m tirelessly cataloging words of wisdom from one of the greatest minds the literary world has ever known. No, I'm not talking about author Tyra Banks. I'm talking about me, of course.

So with that in mind, I’ve put together a selection of some of the most quotable quotes on reading from yours truly (fun fact: that means “me”).

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“Reading is like marriage: Exciting, frustrating, and sometimes you fall asleep while doing it.”

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“Reading makes you smarter. How do you think I figured that out? Reading, that’s how." 
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“What’s the most important thing to remember about reading? No, I’m actually asking. I have no idea.”
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“Finishing a great book is just like when you discovered that Magneto and Gandalf were the same person: bittersweet.”

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“Reading is the only thing separating us from the animals. That and face swapping.”

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“Reading inspires great and heroic deeds, like actually making it through the non-boat-sinking parts of Titanic.”

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"Great books transport us to magical places like Narnia, or Middle-Earth, or Bradley Cooper's hair."

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“Twitter does not count as reading.” 

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“Reading gives you strength. Not like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson type of strength, but you know what I mean.”
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"Nicholas Cage best summed up a world without reading when he said: ‘Not the bees. Oh god, not the bees!’ "


A (mostly) fearless explorer of the undiscovered book. Matt spends his life - at least the part of it when Game of Thrones is on break - hunting down and recommending great books that you may not ... Show More


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