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Terre-ific: French Books for Kids about Climate Change and Taking Care of the Earth

Education should help children become responsible citizens of the Earth, and one issue that is becoming more and more important, are the problems with climate change, and the efforts to preserve the environment. This is clearly a vital part of a child’s learning, and we should cultivate an appreciation of nature in everyone. Fortunately there are plenty ways to integrate this into wider learning. For this list I’ll be recommending French books centred around the topic of the Earth, the environment, pollution and the problems of climate change.

Aimed at 8 to 12 year olds, these books whether novels, picture books, or activity books provide kids with an opportunity to learn fun and useful vocabulary, whether it’s the names of all the animals in the rainforest, or the names of household items for recycling. The books include a range of topics, some focus on inspiring curiosity and love of the natural world, while others give instructions and practical help with recycling and limiting pollution.

Cover image: Illustration from Tous; la biodiversité sur terre by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Emily Sutton

Les zenfants zéro déchet

They have no superpowers, they have rotten costumes, but they save the world every day by their zero waste actions! They are: the heroes of Zero! You too can become a hero of zero! Ze mission, if you accept it: join the team Zero Waste. For example: making your own modeling clay, creating custom fabric bags, organizing a waste-free birthday or a picnic without plastic. One thing is certain, you will not be bored. Welcome to the Zero Waste Adventure!

Ages 9 and up.

La Nature en danger

Essential questions to understand the threats that weigh on our planet and also the ways to act to protect it.

Why should not we destroy forests? What is a hole in the ozone layer? Have climate change always existed? How to capture the wind? What is a "green" house?

Ages 7 and up.

Tous ; la biodiversité sur terre

There are so many species on earth that we have not yet managed to count them all. From the largest elephants to the smallest, such as microbes, to the driest deserts or the coldest seas, hidden or unveiled in all their beauty, each has its place in this great, beautiful and wild world. But this beautiful balance is threatened ... A remarkable picture books that appeals to all ages with its splendid and intricate illustrations and simple and lively narration which highlight the richness of nature, the interactions between species, and the importance of preserving this beautiful painting.

Ages 5 and up.

Bitumia, la planète aux voitures

The Plume family goes to Bitumia, a planet where the atmosphere is very polluted because the inhabitants are constantly using their car. No wonder they can not put their noses outside. Should not they walk most of the time to breathe clean air again? What about the harmful effects produced on their environment by the exhaust gases. At the end of the novel, a quiz is a teaching aid to draw a parallel with what is really happening on Earth. This is one of a series called “My favourite planet” where the Plume family visit a variety of planets, from Touristoc, the holiday planet to Kipu, the garbage planet.

Ages 9 and up.

Fenêtre sur la planète Terre

This book has incredible detailed illustrations and clever flaps to help its readers dive into the mysteries of the geography of the Earth. In the pages you can explore the structure of our planet, its atmosphere, the water that covers it, the warming, deserts, mountains, rivers, etc. Also discussed are climate change and what can be done to save our planet. There are more than 80 flaps to lift to discover a lot of things over the pages. With internet links to find out more.

Ages 7 and up.

La Poubelle et le Recyclage : A petits pas

Do you know that chewing gum takes 5 years to degrade? An aluminum can, 200 to 500 years? What happens to milk carton, paper tissue, fruit peels or plastic bags after use? Throwing away things is inevitable, but not in just any way, as it can damage the environment and waste more raw materials. If you change your habits by sorting your waste, thinking about your consumption and your purchases, you help reduce the amount of waste produced and waste. The earth will only get better!

Ages 7 and up.


I love to read, cook, and travel. My favourite books are anything Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer, but I also love non-fiction history and self-help.