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Pas que Cléopâtre: 6 French Books About Ancient Egypt for Kids

The mysteries of ancient Egypt fascinate children and adults alike. How did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids with such precision, and with such limited tools? How did they master astronomy and position their temples, tombs, and often times entire villages in such perfect relation to the stars? 

How did one of the greatest civilizations in history live, day to day? What did they eat? How did they bake their bread, ferment their grapes, and fish for food? 

Over time, we've learned pieces of ancient Egyptian life through hieroglyphs painted on walls, fractured pieces of scrolls or tablets, and various artifacts found from the thousands of excavations. Today, we have a good understanding of how they lived, but we uncover more and more secrets each day. 

Here are six French books for children to discover the mystifying world of ancient Egypt – perfect for your little ones in grades three to five. 

Cherche et trouve ; Pharaons

A book-game, where one seeks and finds, in abundant and colorful scenes, details represented on the shutters of each page. At the time of the ancient Egyptians, people lived by plowing on the banks of the Nile. Colossal statues, obelisks, and sometimes even pyramids were being built. We wrote in hieroglyphs. War was being waged, the gods were being honored, and when Pharaoh died, a gigantic funeral was reserved for him. This civilization disappeared, Thierry Laval revives it before our eyes through historical scenes, teeming with details. Six paintings in this See and find: the banks of the Nile, the construction site of the pyramid, the temple, the war, the funeral of Pharaoh. And finally, a new: the market.


Anouketh takes us to Egypt, at the time of the pyramids. Little Anouketh comes home from school very angry. The mini-gods with animal heads and a mummy, painted on the frescos of his room, come to life and try to understand what is happening to him while changing his ideas. This is not to mention the sarcastic asides of small red ants, who accompany children on the banks of the Nile ... Anouketh is angry because his mother will have a baby! The baby here, the baby there, that's enough! Rage, she throws a big stone in the Nile... and falls with! More fear than harm, her dad rescues her and brings her home. Anouketh, surrounded by her parents, is reassured and prepares to become a big sister.

Meryptah et le mystère de la tombe de Toutânkhamon

Pharaoh Tutankhamun has just died, his tomb is in the Valley of Kings; it is said to contain wealth never equaled. Sons of artisans responsible for decorating royal burials, Meryptah and Nakht live in a village in West Thebes. One night when they play in the mountains, the two boys hear voices: thieves are plundering the rich tomb of Tutankhamun. For children, it is the beginning of a dangerous adventure in the heart of the forbidden valley, to try to protect the sacred treasures of the pharaoh.

Anhour, petit scribe

A story to read ... and pages docs to learn more! Anhour has always dreamed of becoming a scribe. But it's impossible, he does not even go to school! One day, he can not resist: he steals a tool from a scribe working in a pyramid ... After the story of Anhour, discover ancient Egypt through three documentary parts Hieroglyphs. The pyramids. The scribes.

Panique en Égypte

Welcome to Thebes, more than 3000 years ago! Ramses II, your beloved Pharaoh, is threatened by a terrible plot that only you can defeat. There is not a minute to lose: walk the streets of the city, collect clues and use all that you learn to solve the riddles that are on your way. Will you manage to unmask the culprit? Do not hang around, your pharaoh is counting on you! 5 places to explore, 4 suspects to confront, 1 guilty to unmask! You are the one who takes the investigation!

Les Dieux de l'Égypte

Egyptian mythology is complex and exciting because the deities were omnipresent in the life of the Egyptian people who sought their support and protection. This book presents the main gods of Egyptian mythology through their history and struggles, their strengths and weaknesses, their symbols, the myths that surround them and all that is their legend. Between portrait and dreamlike, here is a strong and elegant work.

Cléopâtre, reine d'Égypte

Hardly eighteen, and here is Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt! But at the royal palace of Alexandria, they are only mysteries, slanders and plots. A cruel struggle involving the beautiful and intelligent Cleopatra. Will she succeed in remaining on the throne? What means does it have to fight against the Roman army that dominates the whole region? Chance or bad luck? Cleopatra has the love of Mark Antony, but also the hatred of Octavian, the future first emperor of Rome! Three fabulous destinies that intersect in one story.


Egyptian-American food enthusiast born in Chicago, raised in Beirut, and living in Dublin. Multitasker at Bookwitty. Intimately familiar with the term "identity crisis".