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New to Netflix Australia in April. Buy This Month's Best New Additions Based on Books

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We’ve all been there. You finally have some time to yourself. You decide to watch a movie, so you load up Netflix. You begin to browse. Thirty minutes later, you're still browsing, lost in the myriad of options, adrift in a sea of programming. 

There are too many options.

You can't decide. 

You can't look away from the screen. 

You have now begun to drool. 

You are experiencing the dreaded Netflix Choice Paralysis.

Well, let us release you from your endless browsing loop with this breakdown of the best book-related movies and TV shows that will be making their Netflix debut this month.

Note: This list applies to Netflix Australia only.

Escape From Alcatraz

In 1962, three inmates of Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, one of the world's most feared lockups, staged a daring escape. In the course of an audacious plan involving paper mâché and an improvised raft, they mounted what is possibly the only successful escape from the maximum security facility. Released in 1963, this non-fiction bestseller delves into the history of Alcatraz and its 14 attempted escapes, with special emphasis placed on the 1962 flight.

Adapted into a hit film starring Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood, the 1979 movie is an unrelentingly tense thriller that, just like the great book it's based on, hasn't lost any of its potency in the decades since it's release.

Available on Netflix: April 14th

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Nick Hornby, author of About a Boy and High Fidelity, has developed an entire literary genre of his own with his authentic and funny portrayals of everyday people and their everyday problems. His first foray into YA territory is no different. Warm and witty, Slam tells the story of Sam, a 16-year-old skateboarder who gets a rude awakening when he learns that his girlfriend is pregnant.

Hornby is no stranger to the big screen. His work has been adapted many times before, to varying degrees of success. This time, Italian director Andrea Molaioli’s adaptation swaps out the book's setting of London for Rome. Despite the change in scenery and language, the heart and soul of the story still remain as strong as ever.

Available on Netflix: April 15th

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Howard Hughes

Millionaire playboy Howard Hughes remains one of history's most interesting people. From his eccentric behaviour and reclusive lifestyle, to his many affairs and astounding financial success, his life is the source of much fascination.

Charles Higham’s 1993 book goes behind the headlines with a look at the many hidden aspects of Howard Hughes’ life, detailing his severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, his influence in the aviation industry, and his bizarre final years.

This book was the basis for 2004's The Aviator, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, itself a vibrant and unmissable chronicle of Hughes' unique life.

Available on Netflix: April 16th

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Sophia Amoruso went from small time crook and dumpster diving teen to successful entrepreneur, CEO, and bestselling author. Irreverent, authentic, and timely, her amazing autobiography is a must read.

If the Netflix series based on the book, starring Britt Robertson, is half as entertaining and addictive as Amoruso’s debut, this will be yet another binge-worthy addition to the streaming giant's already packed stable.

Available on Netflix: April 21st

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The 100

Earth has become an irradiated wasteland. Civilization has retreated to massive spaceships orbiting its former home. Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents have been sent to earth’s surface to determine if it is habitable.

In what’s been described as a cross between Lost and The Hunger Games, the teens land on earth and come face to face with a host of threats both from their ancestral home and from within their ranks.

When The CW premiered their TV adaptation in 2014, it was greeted with great reviews and solid ratings. In the midst of its fourth season, there’s lots to love in Kass Morgan’s 2013 novel that started it all.

Available on Netflix: April 21st

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