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My favorite "Lebanese" cookbooks

Those who know me know that I love cookbooks. From a very young age I could spend an entire afternoon just flipping through my mother's cookbook collection and I have to say not much has changed since. 
I've been on a cookbook buying and Lebanese food cooking spree lately, and as a consequence many of my friends ask me to recommend Lebanese cookbooks to them. So here is a reading list of my favorite Lebanese / Mediterranean cookbooks. 

Lebanese Cuisine

The revised and updated edition of this fascinating book, which was short listed for the prestigious Andre Simon Award when it was first published, remains the only fully comprehensive collection of truly authentic Lebanese recipes available in the English language. As such, "Lebanese Cuisine" is a valuable contribution to our culinary knowledge. There are over 250 classical recipes which represent an important part of the rich and turbulent history of this beautiful and bountiful country. The delicious arrays of world-famous mezze, offering light and refined servings, a delight to both eye and palate, provide a style of eating perfectly suited to today's health-conscious cook. There are wonderful vegetarian dishes as well as aromatic stews, many of which can be left to cook slowly, allowing flavours to develop and often tasting even better when eaten the following day. It is Mediterranean food of elegance and infinite variety, using in delectable combinations, simple, healthy ingredients. Vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains and cold-pressed oils, rich in vitamins are features of every dish.


The Arabic pizza that is fast becoming the world's mos favorite snack. The manoush is the cherished national pie of Lebanon. It has a reserved place on the countrys breakfast table and has the unique ability to be worked into every meal of the day due to its simple versatility. This cookbook is dedicated entirely to the art of creating the perfect manoush. With over 70 simple recipes, it offers you a way to enjoy these typical piestraditionally baked in street corner bakeriesin the comfort of your own home. Manoush: Inside the Street Corner Lebanese Bakery is a journey to discover Lebanons favorite snack. One only has to leaf through the pages in order to realize that this typical Lebanese creation can be as simple as an on-the-go breakfast and as intricate as a family meal. Anyone who enjoys the simplicity of good food and appreciates a good story will love this book from cover to cover.

Lebanese Cuisine

Passionate and renowned chefs Andree Malouf and Karim Haidar continue the Lebanese tradition of exquisite culinary invention in this collection of soups, salads, meats and deserts. Over a hundred inventive recipes are included in this beautifully illustrated book: lentil soup with tomatoes, calamari and coriander salad, five-spice lamb and rice, fried halloumi cheese with quince jam, pumpkin kibbeh, pears in arak, and rose ice cream, to name but a few. This is authentic and exciting Mediterranean food, using fresh and healthy ingredients, perfect for everyday eating and entertaining alike. It is presented with a preface by Amim Maalouf.

Comptoir Libanais

For over a decade Tony Kitous has been Britain's most passionate provider of contemporary Lebanese and North African food. His restaurants were the first in London to merge traditional Arabic cooking with easy contemporary eating. There are now seven Comptoir Libanais restaurants in London with more planned in the next 18 months. The success of Comptoir Libanais restaurants centres on an easy, relaxed cafe-style of food: light Arabic home cooking mixed with familiar bistro flavours and techniques. Tony Kitous' recipes combine fresh vibrant vegetable dishes with simple grills, flat breads, grains, herb salads and dips. Pastries are richly flavoured and delicate, made with syrups and spices. Absolutely the menu for today and adaptable for the home cook. Containing eighty recipes, each one with a full-page photograph, Comptoir Libanais makes achieving a great result easy at home. Tony Kitous' approach and shortcuts inspire new ways to prepare readily-available ingredients: big on spices, fresh herbs and bright citrus flavours drawn from traditional Arabic cooking. The book is strong on vegetarian and vegan dishes, alongside simple grilled or poached meats, fish and beautiful sauces that are quick to prepare or make in advance. If you want a quick snack for yourself, or an extraordinary celebration feast, all the how-to you'll need is here. Bringing together the passion of owner Tony Kitous, the extraordinary designs of award-winning graphic artist Rana Salam, and bestselling author and photographer Dan Lepard, the Comptoir Libanais cookbook blends a vibrant culinary tradition with modern flavours and cooking methods

Lebanese Home Cooking

Straight from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, chef and creator of the first farmers' market in Beirut, Kamal Mouzawak brings you healthy and inspiring dishes, featuring classic Lebanese ingredients. From one of the region's most rich and diverse cultures, learn to make food, not war. Lebanese Home Cookingis a mouthwatering cookbook that teaches traditional Lebanese home cooking with regional and religious variation. You won't find these authentic recipes in many Middle-Eastern restaurants! With over 50 gorgeous recipes including kebbeh, mehsheh, tabikh, mujadara, and mouaa'janat, you'll have amazing and exciting homecooked meals in no time. "To me, the Souk is the epitome of what it means to 'have guts'. Despite bombings and unrest in their city, the market continues to not just function, but to flourish - celebrating culture, cuisine and agriculture. It's very existence is as an act of resistance against sectarian violence." - Rene Redzepi "Lebanese culture served on a plate." CNN "If I was surprised, it was at what Kamal is doing at Souk el Tayeb, bringing cooks from different social, political and regional sectors." - Chef Anthony Bourdain

Manger libanais

La cuisine libanaise simple et riche présentée par des cuisinières locales et des producteurs. Des recettes du quotidien accompagnées de focus techniques pour être sur de ne pas les rater : les 10 commandements du taboulé, l'art de modeler des kebbe... Le livre s'articule autour d'un voyage à travers tout le pays pour découvrir des gens, des paysages, tout un art de vivre pour profiter et se réunir autour de choses simples et conviviales. Recettes : Grâce à ce livre, il sera facile de préparer à la maison les fameux kebbe, falafel, taboulé (le vrai) et autres houmous, mais aussi du shawarma à faire à la maison, des farcis, des ragouts, de la sauce tarator, des boulettes végétariennes au boulgour et lentilles...

Liza, à la libanaise ; cuisine et art de vivre

Oubliez ce que vous croyez connaître de la cuisine libanaise... Liza & Ziad Asseily vous font découvrir une gastronomie contemporaine, à la fois réconfortante et saine, bien loin des clichés. Parce que la cuisine libanaise est à partager, Liza et Ziad, mariés à la ville comme au travail, vous proposent un ouvrage à leur image : un véritable mode de vie empreint de culture libanaise, de chic parisien et de gourmandise. Laissez-vous transporter au fil des pages par la fraîcheur des recettes, la beauté des reportages et vivez une journée à l'heure libanaise. Du petit-déjeuner à la fringale nocturne, toutes les occasions sont bonnes pour se régaler, entre amis, en famille ou sur le pouce. Petit déjeuner et brunch : Laissez-vous tenter par un authentique petit-déjeuner oriental. Au programme, Manouché zaatar ou Biscuit ghandour. Foul mdammas et Hommos balila feront merveille au brunch. Déjeuner entre filles : Salatit quinoa, Halloum meklé ou Jawaneh, des assiettes saines et savoureuses à picorer sans complexes en papotant ! Apéritif : Kabis et Kebbit batata et Moutabbal avocat bi kreidiss sont parfais à grignoter autour d'un verre. Dîner entre amis : Symbole de générosité et de partage les mezzés sont un incontournable des tables libanaises. Cet assortiment de petits hors d'oeuvres, froids ou chauds, végétariens ou non, légers ou plus gourmands sont la promesse d'un moment riche en convivialité. Dimanche au bord de l'eau : Le dimanche, c'est sacré. A Beyrouth, on en profite pour flâner en bord de mer et déguster des recettes ensoleillées : Salade Fattouche, Calamaris et Kreidess bel Arak. Repas de famille et repas de fête : Mettez les petits plats dans les grands pour préparer un repas chaleureux. Liza revisite les recettes familiales pour le plus grand plaisir de vos proches : Kharouf bi khams bharat, Samak mechwé ou Maamoul. Tard le soir... Street food : Une petite faim en pleine nuit ? Laissez-vous happer par les rues de Beyrouth et profitez du parfum enivrant des épices d'un Sandwich chawarma au poulet ou de falafels. À dévorer à pleines dents !


An architect by training, I plan to never have a building to my name. I am a food blogger & I spend my time making cool stuff for the web @Keeward & Bookwitty


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