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Music in the Airs: Great French Books to Teach Kids about Music

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A love for music comes easily to most kids, and so integrating the topic of music into your French lessons can be both educational, and a lot of fun. You can start early, the different instruments and the sounds they make, is a perfect topic for young readers, while moving on to music theory and different genres of music for older students can be very engaging. The following books in French target a range of ages, each with their own approach to music and musical study. Tune in to find out our recommendations for the best books to children about music, through French.

Imagidoux ; La Musique

Throughout the pages of this "Imagidoux" board books, children will listen, discover or recognize 6 musical instruments thanks to sound chips hidden in the images. Take a musical walk to the concert to listen to the piano, sounds of the guitar, drums of rock, violin lesson, taratata of the trumpet without forgetting, in the end, the singing of children. Each situation is an excuse to discover new words, as always, with the Imagidoux, to develop the language. From 1 year old.

Les Instruments du monde t.1

It's not just the piano or the guitar in life! There is also the bandoneon, the mandolin, the bamboo flute, the kora, the darbouka or the balalaïka. Here they are highlighted in this sonic imagery through very nice animals and a colorful decor, that indicates where this instrument is most commonly used.

Mes premiers airs de Reggae

Want to introduce your children to newer music? Featuring sound chips, this musical imagery invites the little reader to get acquainted with reggae through some of his greatest hits: Bob Marley ("Get up, stand up," "One love"), Johnny Nash ("I can see clearly now "), Alpha Blondy ("Sweet Fanta Diallo "), Tiken Jah Fakoly ("Nothing surprises me") and Lord Creator (" Kingston Town "). Note, the collection also offers My First Tunes of: Rock, Jazz, and Hip Hop. For 2 years.

Une journée en musique

5 great classic tunes to spend a beautiful day from energetic awakening to bedtime. At sunrise, the savannah awakens. A little lion cub gets up while listening to Camille Saint-Saëns' carnival of animals ("Final"). He goes out to play with his friends, make jumps and antics on an air of Bach (Suite n ° 2, "Badinerie"). A swim in the river to cool off with Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker ("Dance of Flowers"). Then comes the time to go home: the Symphony No. 3 ("Poco allegretto") Brahms accompanies the sun on the horizon. The sweet sounds of Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1 rock bedtime ... For 2 and up.

Mes premières notes de musique

It's never too early to do your scales! A little squirrel harvests hazelnuts to make provisions for the winter. At each of his encounters (pigeon, boy, robin, etc.), this is an opportunity for the little reader to activate a sound chip to discover a musical note: do, re, mi, fa, so , la, ti, do. At the end of the book is represented a scope to locate each note of the range. To the child, then, to sing each note to implement his listening. From 3 years.

Ticajou et sa famille de musiciens

In the squirrel family, there's the big sister Ticahuete who wakes up the household every morning to the sound of her trumpet, the grandfather who leads the rhythm the day with his drum, the cousin Nougatine who waltzes his paws on the keys of the piano, the father who pinches the strings of his classical guitar, or Grandma Cinnamon who only has eyes for his cello. And then, there is Ticajou, the youngest brother, who is a little lost in the middle of this family of music lovers. Will he manage to choose an instrument? In this book-CD, famous pieces present each instrument, Carmen de Bizet for the trumpet, Vivaldi for the violin, Grieg for the flute, among others. From 3 years.

Mr Gershwin ; Les Gratte-ciels de la musique

Brooklyn, early 20th century. The narrator is ... a piano! He has just been installed at the Gershwins. Ms. Gershwin's ambition is to make Ira, her eldest son, a musician. But it is George, the youngest with a bubbling temper, who is having fun strumming. Love at first sight! George takes lessons, works, repeats and works again. His passion is so devouring that he leaves school to play in "rue des pianos". He will discover jazz and triumph on Broadway with his musicals ... This book-disc made with mastery! The fate and meteoric rise of Mister Gershwin are told (text and voice) by Susie Morgenstern, renowned children's author. We enjoy the timeless melodies that accompany the album, from "Rhapsody in Blue" to "Summertime" or "An Americain in Paris". Starting from 7 years old.

Le Chant des oiseaux

Birds have always captivated the imagination of composers and inspired them. Works by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and other composers introduce children to classical music through the discovery of melodic similarities between bird songs and notes produced by instruments such as flute, organ and harpsichord . Wonderfully illustrated, the book also contains a glossary of musical terms, a short biography of the composers and a brief description of each bird evoked in the compositions. 20 excerpts from various recordings of internationally renowned masters, including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Chamber Orchestra. Ages 8 and up.

Elvide et Milon ; La Musique au temps du Moyen Âge

Milon, 13, lives at the court of the Countess Marie de France. To marry the beautiful Elvide, he will have to pass three trials: find the tail of a monster, defeat the greatest knight, and find a fabulous treasure. But if Milo is still an apprentice knight, he's mostly a very smart boy ... Endearing and quick-witted characters, chivalrous chivalry and hunting scenes, funny and funny courtly love dialogues : Eric Senabre dusts the medieval story with talent. The paintings of Élodie Coudray provide the whole of softness and elegance thanks to papers gouachés with the vegetable environments. Discover with the famous Ensemble Obsidienne the richness of medieval music and orchestrations for solo voices, choirs of children and adults, and period instruments! Ages 8 and up.   

Vive la musique !

Where does the word music come from? What was the shape of the first notes? At what age did Mozart write his first opera? Is gagaku the favorite music of samurai? Where was the jazz born? Are you more mosh, slam or pogo? Who's behind Daft Punk's helmets? Thanks to this activity book, discover the great classical composers, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach but also Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Muse ... And have fun thanks with stickers and quizzes. Ages 8 and up.


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