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Mon petit sous-chef: 8 Cookbooks for Kids Learning French

There are many methods of teaching your child a new language – repetition, storybooks, television shows, and hundreds of other fun and inventive ways to encourage your little one to love learning. But when it comes to tactile teaching, what better way to learn than through the art of cooking? 

Here are eight fun and accessible cookbooks for children learning French, perfect for students in grades 3 to 6.

Je cuisine avec les fruits et les légumes du marché

Endive trays, salty spring crumble, Niçoise salad or blueberry muffins... With 60 recipes to make alone or with the help of an adult, this book will help your kids discover the fruits and vegetables of the season. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, it's time to go to the market and the vegetable gardens to observe, smell, taste. Because to cook well and to eat balanced is also to learn that each season has its fruits, vegetables, colors and flavors.

Copain de la cuisine

A fantastic cookbook for beginner foodies, Copain de la cuisne teaches that the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty. The book includes more than 150 easy recipes, cooking tips explained in a simple and practical ways, and interesting food facts. At the end of the book, a practical booklet contains information on cooking-related jobs your child might be interested in for the future – a great way to introduce your little chef to the culinary world! 

Une cuisine grande comme le monde

From Chile to Australia, to Turkey, Lebanon, and India, this journey through sixty recipes from around the world is original and rich in flavor. For each country, two to three traditional dishes are delved into. Une cuisine grande comme le monde will take you and your child on a wonderful adventure through culture, food, and the people of the world, enriched by the pastel illustrations by Zaü. 

La pâtisserie est un jeu d'enfants

A cookbook of pastries accessible to all, making baking a fun activity for you and your little one.

From apricot cream pie to marbled cake, author Michel Olivier introduces us to the joys of sweet pleasures with simple recipes and colorful illustrations.

Mon petit livre de cuisine antique

If you want to taste the story from starter to dessert, this recipe book is for you! Alexandrian style aubergines, samboussek, moretum, halvas simigdalenios, lettuce Patina, Flan de Sienne... This book will take your family on a journey to discover lost flavors through 20 recipes of Ancient (Egyptian, Greek and Roman) and the Middle Ages. With these fun and easy recipes, the past will come back to life on your plate!

Mes grands classiques de la pâtisserie

Young and old can now make 50 classic French pastries, thanks to chef Pierre-Olivier Lenormand. Mes grands classiques de la pâtisserie is organized into four chapters: cakes, pies, cupcakes, and creams & mousses. A helpful glossary at the end of the book explains the technical terms used in the recipes so that your child can learn to speak like a real pastry chef! 

Ma cuisine végétarienne

Do you know how to make tomato soup or vegetarian lasagna? How to cook aubergines, mangos or strawberries in an original way? Why should you eat green vegetables? This book presents 24 vegetarian recipes to make your little one love vegetables. Sorted by color –green, red, purple, yellow or orange – all have a host of beneficial properties! For each recipe, you will find the complete list of ingredients and utensils needed as well as a detailed step-by-step illustration, with tips to help your sous-chef make a tasty vegetarian meal.

Kids Cook French

According to Jacques Pepin, "the moment for a child to be in the kitchen is from the moment they are born." Kids Cook French, written by his daughter Claudine, is a fun, interactive cookbook for kids that introduces them to the art and joy of cooking. It gets them interested in making their own meals and better eating habits, while also teaching them the importance of culture. Featuring classic, simple dishes inspired by French cuisine, each recipe is shown in both French and English, and accompanied by charming illustrations. So, get them in that kitchen and start playing chef. Who knows - you might have the next French Chef standing next to you! 


Egyptian-American food enthusiast born in Chicago, raised in Beirut, and living in Dublin. Multitasker at Bookwitty. Intimately familiar with the term "identity crisis".