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Marvellous Mysteries: Middle Grade Detective Stories for Boys

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When it comes to pre-adolescent boys, there is nothing more intriguing and exciting than a good detective novel full of mystery and suspense.

These detective novels in the list below will help keep boys off their electronic devices and make them want to pick up a book to see how the story ends. Who murdered who? Was it the nice mechanic in the end? Why didn’t they take the train to their destination in the end?

The Mysterious Benedict Society

"Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?" This is a question that is advertised in the newspaper. Only four children will get through and they will be given a challenge that only the most inventive and clever will be able to complete. The chosen four will be asked to go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened where the hidden tunnels are never-ending and the ‘school supplies’ are most strange. 

The Westing Game

When Samuel W. Westing passes away, his will has sixteen people waiting to hear what he bequeaths to whom. Surprisingly, he decides to leave his huge fortune to a complete stranger! Why did Westing make this decision? Could this person be a murderer? One thing is for sure, he wants to have the last laugh.

The Art of Secrets

After a mysterious fire, Saba Khan’s family must move. With help from the high school, the family move into a luxury apartment and life takes a violent turn into a tumultuous chain of events. Should the priceless masterpiece donated to the Khans go to the family or to the school? What caused the fire? The Art of Secrets sets friends against each other and priorities flailing as students and teachers let greed, suspicion and jealousy take over.

Agnes Quill: An Anthlogy Of Mystery

If a world of supernatural oddities appeals to your preadolescent then this novel is the one to choose. Agnes Quill is a teenage detective who lives in the haunted city of Legerdemain. It’s a busy, dirty place where cursed souls and decapitated scientists create mystery and adventure for young Quill. 

Spy School Secret Service

Ben Ripley, a thirteen-year-old boy, has only been at Spy School for two years but he has been called to take part on a solo mission. It would seem that the safety of the US is in Ben’s hands. While about to save the US President, Ben has to trust his friends and not let himself be double crossed, but is it too late?


“A rollicking, righteous story.” This praise by The Miami Herald sums up this novel so very well. Pancakes, owls and pranks make this hilarious story light up any child’s reading time. Roy, who has recently moved to the neighborhood, attempts to save a colony of burrowing owls, whose lives are threatened by a nearby pancake house. 

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Kyle Keeley wins an overnight stay at the library. However, just one night turns into much longer as the doors stay locked and the ‘lucky’ winner must solve clues and puzzles to escape.

This is a story of games, lively characters and mystery. If your child loves Roald Dahl stories then this one is going to be a hit!


British Canadian with a passion for travelling, languages, food and all things books. And most importantly, a loving wife and Mummy to two wonderful boys.

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